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Being Cuffed By A Bad Mobile App Developer? Here Is How To Choose A Good One

Every forward looking entrepreneur has recognized the significance of mobile apps by now, especially the part where the mobile apps appear as new and most engaging advertising platform ever.  However our attempts to stay ahead can take us to a quick and uncalculated decisions. At Mobiloitte, we understood the significance of mobility right from the beginning and that’s why today we are viewed upon as one of the leading organizations in the industry. We really don’t pay much of attention to publicity as our clients are there to take care of it. The largest part of our clientele comes through testimonials, reviews, emails and referrals.

What to do if your mobile app developer sucks? Here is how to make a better decision next time..

Experience – 6 years matters more than 6 months

You need mobile application developer who makes you feel less drowsy while making the decision – Which would you prefer’  the one with 6 months on the market or the one with 6 years? Mobile application development is something that requires great proficiency. So you can’t trust a novice with just a little or no experience at all. Long experience in a particular field shows that the company has tackled all the challenges thrown by the industry efficiently and it must be aware of all the complexities and issues involved in it. Is your mobile application developer doing what he can he can do? Check if he tastes his own medicine and go through his website, check for functionality, easy navigation, User interface, social media integration, blog etc. This will give you an image how good and serious the mobile app developer is in his own matter.

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Performance – Can anyone confirm it?

Now you must be thinking how to judge the performance of an organization without having worked with them. It’s a hi-tech world where technological progress has made a lot of things feasible which were considered to be impossible a few decades back. You can access review sites to know what the clients of the company are saying about it (you can also check our testimonial page) Any good search engine can lead you to some trustworthy review sites. Also, you can ask the companies in question about a few references of their clients. Meeting with a couple of clients can be very beneficial in ascertaining companies’ performance.

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Creativity – Can they turn your world upside down?

The mobile application developers you want to hire for your app development project should be able to come up with something innovative. And that obviously needs creativity. All you need to do to evaluate the creativity content in the organization is to have a look at some of its work done in the past. Use a few apps created by the company and try to figure out the level of creativity and innovation in its work. Here is our portfolio of mobile apps. Get inspired and start a chat with us.

Ethics – How good the mobile app developer is in admitting mistakes and informing

There are lots of mobile app developers which make too many promises before cracking the deal but don’t match the expectations later. A company which keeps regular contact with its clients should only be selected. The customer support of the company needs to be exceptional. Good mobile app developers always keep their clients updated with the progress in their projects for better executions. Do not accept anything less than perfect transparency. Tools like Basecamp for project management and Webex for video conferencing are there to make you well informed about the progress of your project no matter where on Earth is your location.

Pricing – Do they have Plan B to match your pocket?

Luckily high competition is not only in your industry; it’s prevailing in almost all the sectors. The community of mobile app developers is very vast and hence the services are being provided at very competitive charges. It hardly matter what type of developers you want, BlackBerry or Android application developers, you can find an affordable offer with some research.

Also note that a good mobile application developer is going to be able to provide you with different pricing and engagement model to match your need – milestone based, off-shore development center, project based pricing model and so on. Be sure that if you are given the ability to choose on this you are dealing with mature and stable mobile application development company.

Well I hope this will help you in locating the best suited mobile app developer for you. Still not every experience out there was bright and shiny. How was your scenario? Did you use any extra criteria to estimate and select you mobile app developer? Share your experiences with us and shoot us a comment.



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