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How Will M-Health Change the Face of Healthcare Industry in 2014?

Patient engagement. Have we really understood the real meaning of the term from the viewpoint of a common patient or is it simply another overused word by the mHealth industry to present their solution in front of investors?

In the next five years, 17 million baby boomers  will turn 65. As the population ages, chronic  medical conditions will consume more and more  health care resource. They account for $3 out  of every $4 of the country’s $2.8 trillion health  care bill, and they are the cause behind 7 out of  every 10 deaths. Hence, management of chronic medical  conditions is vital to the USA’s healthcare system’s long  term survival.

A whole new segment in mHealth has emerged especially in 2014 which works out on crafting promises on fixing the gaps that got manifested in the first generation of mHealth technologies. As with every new wave of disruption, learning comes (and should come) first before talking about technology which has really made a difference in people’s lives.

This was especially the case with the first generation of mHealth solutions which were typically features oriented and focused on slightly extending the access and the comfort in performing health related tasks that used to be available on the medical institution’s website. Features like appointing a meeting, sending a confidential health check report in encrypted form etc.

Under this scenario we can hardly focus about real patient engagement. Most mHealth solutions from that era lacked unified dashboard that will bring healthcare professionals and patients together, real-time tracking of various health parameters and most of all personal context combined with patient education relevant to his healthcare history

The next generation of mHealth solution is taught by discrepancies which appeared from its predecessors and are focused on making mHealth more personal, participate and educative. We have been working with the new age mHealth technology model and have already delivered mHealth solution to our partners that have quickly delivered the results which were expected but most of all kept their promise of putting patient engagement first.

Today we are making that knowledge open to our community. You can learn so much more from our journey in mHealth  through our clients stories of success and number of resources we have prepared for you.