Methods to increase App engagement

Methods to Drive Engagement and Retain Mobile App Users

An idea is not enough for an app. Sometimes the development of an app not as harder as we think but the main concern lies in attracting a huge community of loyal users. With millions of app on the market – about 3.8 million apps on google play store and more than 2 million on Apple’s App store, it’s very difficult to get users engagement for an app.

It’s easy to assume the success of an app, but without active users the success means nothing. Brands are spending a lot of money on acquiring users. Only getting your app downloaded is not enough for you, keeping your user for a longer time is more important.

Mobile app engagement and retention are 2 parameters that provide genuine idea and insight into the success of an application. Failure is only judged when you have low engagement and retention.

Let’s check what is App Engagement?

Engagement is the number of active users or user interaction with the app. Some common metrics to check are the sessions ie how many times the user opens the app, the duration of the session. Well measuring user engagement is important for business, and is a way for app marketing. because marketers who want to analyze their ROI and to make changes in their app.

Depending upon the app, you may see changes in the engagement. Taxi booking apps will have short periods of time spent on the app but may find more sessions.

With lots of research, we have got some strategies and tricks that will help you to drive user attention and will increase your app engagement. Some of the methods you need to focus on to get loyal app users.

Easier Onboarding

As we knew that getting people to sign up to your app is tough. This requires a lot of plan, time and effort. Through many sources, it has been seen that the app losses 70% of its active users after a week of post app install. What happens right after installation can make or break your app. Well, Onboarding is a way to make your users aware of how your app works. This helps to make first-time users as your full-time users. Providing a seamless onboarding experience can help you significantly. Here are some steps that will help you to get a better onboarding process-

  • Reduce steps for signup, and make account creation and login easy.
  • Add gestures and actions to teach about the app.
  • Make users understand through visual hints to navigate through the app.
  • Do not load your app with information, just make it brief so that users read and just get to know the features.

Push Notifications

The push messages are an effective way to reach your audience in the real time, but this is a great way to retain an audience over longer periods. These timely notifications are the direct access to your audience and they don’t need to be there in your app. This brings real-time traffic on your app and boosts reach even more. The other benefits include –

  • Helps to get the information about the new product launches or the offers and discounts without being there in the app.
  • Various apps require to enable push notification as this reminds the user about the uncompleted tasks and helps to gain users. E-commerce apps make more benefits with this.

Mobile Personalization

This is an important aspect of an application. This helps to provide more unique, relevant experience to the user. With this, you can improve engagement with sending them notification according to their preference so that this will increase the likeliness to continue with the application. Customized content and tailored insights deliver the real value to the user.  Some ways by which you can optimize it more by including

  • username with the message.
  • Sending them offers according to their behaviour in the app.

These have helped to improve the conversion rate and people tend to stay in your app. But these messages should be sent carefully , as irrelevant messaging or notifications will have an opposite effect and may lose your loyal customers.

App Speed

Besides all the other feature, the speed of the app needs to be considered. Users nowadays want their things to be done in a minute. So the speed of an app should be checked. This doesn’t mean your app is bug-free but the app feature must be fast and reliable.

Make it Easy to Contact You

Feedback matters a lot. This is a simple way to increase engagement. Users can share their problems and can place directly into an app and provide easy access to your FAQ. With this try to send an automated response so mobile that they feel engaging with you.


These are some basic things you need to check out when you want user engagement for your app and you don’t want to lose your loyal users. Optimize your app and its features so that you gain users not lose them.


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