iBeacon Benefits for User & Merchant

How Merchants and Users, Both Are Benefited With The iBeacon Technology?

With more and more iBeacons being installed in retail spaces, there is more possibility for merchants and retail shoppers to go one step further in their daily shopping or buying experience with iBeacon-compatible apps.

These apps enhance your experience by using the location proximity, push notifications based on your search history and items in your checklist to quickly direct you to things you need, not what you won’t even look at.

However, with iBeacons that dimension is touched too, push notifications smartly crafted into offers and discounts, impulse purchases can happen for products that do not garner much attention like a person who does not read much buying many books at once because the app gave them a massive discount on a combo-offer!

Here are some things that happen, thanks to iBeacons that help merchants and users to both benefit from this technology-

Better Sales

  • With better push notifications that lure customers into buying and trying newer products, merchants benefit with better sales and revenue generation.
  • On the other hand, the user benefits with new products that they can try and newer branded products they can boast of owning.
  • Since iBeacons support cashless payment, anyone can buy anything at any time without having to worry about the bill amount.

Better User Engagement

  • Merchants experience larger footfalls and bulk sales thanks to such iBeacon powered apps that lure in new customers each day with neatly crafted ‘welcome’ boards.
  • Customers get to visit new places in their area of proximity and can buy locally rather than having to travel far-off to buy specific products.
  • User engagement gets enhanced since these apps let customers post better reviews and ratings which enhance the merchant’s credibility.

More Stocks

  • With more sales come in more stocks of products that go off the shelves faster.
  • This helps merchants to keep their business running by an analytics overview of iBeacons that tell them what products sell more and what products users search for when they arrive at the store.
  • The merchant can keep running brisk sales even at peak seasons thanks to such analytics.

Scope Of Expansion

  • With more and more sales, the merchant can open more stores thanks to revenue generation.
  • The customer can benefit in this due to more stores available in their area so that they can buy products they like from any store of this merchant that they are currently located near at.
  • Business for the merchant gets boosted as he gets more new customers with more stores and iBeacons installed around his store.

Lower Advertising Cost

  • Since most apps are free nowadays, the merchant can make custom-made greetings, notifications and offers for the customers himself without having to employ the service of an advertising agency.
  • The advertising cost saved can be invested into the business to install more iBeacons inside the stores.
  • For customers, more iBeacons mean better connectivity in whatever app they are using.
  • Since most notifications can be controlled by the user, they are non-obtrusive and help the merchant advertise to more users at once.

iBeacon technology is proving to be a boon for businesses, it is bringing the future for mobile marketing by giving business owners an effective way of reaching users having interest in offered products and services.

Most iBeacon powered apps have vast possibilities! It is now time for merchants and users around the world to learn their capabilities and adopt this technology in their day-to-day life!

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