Apple’s Touch ID technology

Meet The Coolest 5 Fingerprint Unlocking Enabled iOS Apps

We Apple likey. Seriously! It seems that Apple has gone over its own complexes (it could have happened earlier thought). After the new iOS 8 upgrade the entire iOS ecosystem appears more open and inviting for innovation. Of course we are talking about Apple’s introduction of app extensions which enables Apple’s own apps to collaborate and integrate with third party apps.

The sweetest move yet in this season’s iOS upgrade is of course the opening of Apple’s Touch ID technology for third party apps. With Touch ID you are finally entering a James Bond movie where your fingerprint unlocks access or login for apps, saying good bye to pin codes and passwords. You must be in anticipation to see whether your own favourite app will soon be able to let you access it with a finger scan on your iPhone. Few early birds have already upgraded their apps to match the Touch ID technology. Here are the Top 5

1Password (obviously)

Your master password app which keeps your login passwords for various services and apps is now Touch ID enabled


The free Mint app pulls in all your personal finance accounts and investments into one place, so you can track your spending, create a budget, receive bill reminders, and save more money. (A bonus question to thin about – if you were given the chance to enhance the security of your master password app or your finance app, which one would you, choseJ)


Will I sound boring and cliché if I say I love Evernote? Your favourite note organizer and productivity app will enable you to login with your fingerprint instead of mobile number in case you are a Premium user

A new comer in the category of financial management app, Capital One WalletSM, a new app that lets you stay on top of your spending and get the most out of your rewards. We are featuring Capital One Wallet because of its surprisingly stunning User interface that will quickly hook you up


Can Amazon not be on the frontline? Your daily companion for browsing, getting product details, reading product reviews and purchasing millions of products available from and other merchants is not capable to make your purchase process even smoother by integrating with Apple’s Touch ID

Discover (Mobile)

If you are a Discover account owner, you can now manage all your financial account from your iPhone conveniently using your fingerprint including Discover credit cards, loans, saving accounts etc.

The good news is that the number of apps with Touch ID integration keeps growing, which helps Apple’s enhanced security features spread rapidly across the iOS ecosystem. Few other apps that have adopted Touch ID are yPlan, eHarmony, Day one and several more.

Did we missed an important app that graciously engages your finger tip while unlocking? Feel free to mention it in comments.