Marketing your app in 5 effective ways

With the rise in a number of mobile app downloads, there is also an upsurge in a number of apps abandoned. Even though people are spending more time on their smartphones than ever before, the attention span of the users is dwindling. It has become all the more difficult for the app marketers to attract and retain users on their app. Here are 5 simple ways you can market your app effectively.

1. Market Research

The market research for your app should begin way before you hire a mobile app development services provider. You need to identify the target audience, the needs the app will satisfy and how effectively the needs will be satisfied. You need to identify whether you will offer your app for free with limited content or you will offer a paid app. You need to identify the monetization strategy for your app.

2. Marketing Strategy

You need to devise your app marketing strategy and timeline. You need to market your app on various social media channels before its launch and start an email campaign to inform your target audience about your app. You can use beta testers and influencers to help with word of mouth marketing.

3. App Store optimization (ASO)

ASO is done to make the app rank higher in an app store’s search results. For effective ASO the keyword placed in the title should match the search word which receives major traffic of the users. You need to use the keywords which are used most often by your target audience. The description, as well as the screenshots of your app, should be able to drive downloads.

4. Search ads

Approx 40% of the smartphone users find an app by searching it on the App store. Smartphone users tend to search for an app on the App store whether they are seeking fitness apps, music streaming apps, gaming apps or any other app. It is imperative for the success of the app that it can be easily discovered on the App store. Search ads are one of the driving forces to boost app downloads. Search ads increase the visibility of the app in the app store as well as improve downloads by displaying the ad at the exact time.

5. App install campaign

For any app to get noticed amongst the clutter of the apps available on appstore, it is crucial to get volumes of installs from both organic and paid sources.An app install campaign is designed to drive app installs by giving incentives to the users.The incentive could be in the form of virtual money or it can be access to some premium content.


An intelligently designed app marketing plan will help your app in gaining traction and increasing app downloads.

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