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Should I Make a Website With Drupal – 6 Reasons Say You Should


Do you know who made the first social network? Hint- It was not Marc Zurkerberg and his Facebook. It was neither Friendster who was particularly popular in Southeast Asia before it died and got reborn in 2011 as a gaming platform. Any other guesses ladies and gentlemen? Second hint – It used to be called Drop. Later on it became known as Drupal.

The first social network alike application was founded in 2000 by a student called Dries Buytaert as a simple message board system for him and his friends called Drop. In essence,  Drop.org was the place where the friends left each other messages, coordinated when they would have dinner and wrote updates about their lives. In 2001 he decided to place the code behind Drop.org public for everyone to use it while simultaneously changing the name to Drupal or the Dutch word for “Drop.”

Dries could not assume the implications of this move. Shortly after the publishing of the code, the interest for his little experiment drastically increased with people sending emails and contributing the source code. That community kept growing and enriching Drupal making it the world’s well renowned CMS we know today.

Should you make a website with Drupal?

This question reminds me of a recent statement of the regional Drupal director for South East Asia during a Drupal camp in New Delhi which happened last year –

Our system is extraordinary and not everyone who got acquainted himself with the innards of the system his structure and logic never ever wanted to try something else. However we suck on marketing.”

We support the first half of the statement and write this blog post to do something on the second. Here is why you should make a website with Drupal:

Amazing flexibility

The entire Drupal system including it’s back-end is fully customizable. Last year we had a privilege to work on a brand new website for a luxury cruising company whose website was intended to serve not only as information portal but as connectivity bridge for clients with exceptionally deep pockets. With Drupal we were not only 100 flexible in making the front-end and placing the content everywhere and in every structure we wished, but we also developed customized drag-and-drop backend which made it extremely easy for non-techie web admin to maintain and update the new website.

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A heaven for complex enterprise class web platforms

Every website or web project may not require the flexibility power and sophistication Drupal has to offer. For large and complex project however Drupal must and should be the preferred option for the solution architect.

Ability to handle large amount of traffic

This is one of the core value propositions of Drupal. It’s inbuilt caching system makes Drupal capable of handling large volume of traffic in shorter time span, which is why websites like WhiteHouse.gov and UniversalMusic.net have opted for Drupal.  You will find Drupal behind many other media, publishing and education institutions across the globe

Great for building E-commerce sites

Complexity and flexibility and especially the introduction of Drupal Commerce, dedicated Drupal module for building online stores has made Drupal almost too good to be true approach for building E-commerce websites. Another advantage that adds to this is of-course the reputation of Drupal being the most secure platform to work on

Community of developers

HIRE DRUPAL DEVELOPERS - FINALThis is the strongest ACE of working on Drupal. More than 800.000 Drupal enthusiasts make Drupal better every single day. The community has already produced over 18.000 modules, giving your practically every functionality you can ever imagine for your website. The Drupal Association works actively on keeping its members motivated and integrated. Drupal cons and Drupal camps happens every months in different corners of the world. Cheers to Holly Ross (@drupalhross), the current president of the Drupal Association, and amazingly charismatic Drupal-er.

Mobile first

Dries Buytaert is clear in stating that he wants Drupal to be the best mobile CMS in the world. Ans when he says it he surely means it. Just a peak on his Twitter profile tells a story. With over 27.7K followers, Dries only follows 11 profiles all related to Drupal – DrupalCon, Drupal camps, Drupal association, core Drupal Developers active on Twitter handles related to his own company Acquia  etc. Hardly a person who looks left and right.

The Drupal community has already started future proofing itself for mobile platform back in 2008. Mobile ready and responsive themes will be the primary update expected with the release of the new Drupal 8 planned for summer 2014.  A lot more super exciting features are expected under the new Drupal 8 hood. Multilingual support a dedicated migration module for seamless transition from earlier version and few other surprises should leave you eager for the upcoming release. We have explained all the updates planned for Drupal 8 in this blog post.

How to recognize if you can make a website with Drupal?

We have agreed above that Drupal is the most flexible most secure and most robust CMS, which also gives it a developer’s platform outlook which is a debate frequently popping out commonly titled as – Is Drupal a CMS or a framework? This blog post answers the questions broadly.

Drupal is the best option if:

  • You build a website with scalability in mind (intending to grow in future)
  • You expect a large volume of traffic
  • You prefer a secure platform in it’s native form and structure
  • You need fully flexible and customization platform to design and play with
  • You are not afraid of little bit of coding (and hooks)

One thing is certain – DRUPAL IS BIG. Our web portfolio is rich with Drupal websites and clients coming from different industries ranging from education, E-commerce, healthcare and media. We would highly recommend you to consider Drupal for your next web or mobile project because it is very much likely that Drupal will match your need.

Have you experienced or built a website with Drupal so far?

Is it a good or a bad experience? Would you recommend others to make a website with Drupal?

Share your thoughts in comments



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