Machine Learning and Deep Learning : What’s the difference

Machine Learning and Deep Learning : What’s the difference

Artificial Intelligence has many things to offer. The whole concept of Artificial Intelligence revolves around 2 concepts and they are Machine Learning and Deep Learning.

Many of us think both of them are the same, But no we are wrong. Here in this blog, you will get a clear idea about what is Machine Learning and what is Deep Learning.

Both of them are not new for us, but the way they are utilized to describe the intelligent machines are changing day by day.

Machine Learning and Deep Learning : What's the difference

Machine Learning vs Deep Learning:-


It is important for us and very important for organizations to know what is the basic difference between both of them.

According to the definition, Machine Learning is a concept where the algorithms are parsing data, learn from it and apply the same for making informed decisions.

In deep learning, the decision is made from its own data processing process. This is just similar to how a human being identifies something, then starts thinking about it and then finally makes a conclusion.

Machine learning needs more algorithm for making an accurate prediction by providing more information.

For more detailed understanding let’s take the example of Netflix, This uses the algorithm to learn about the user’s preference and then shows them data according to their preference.

Let’s see some other differences between Machine Learning and Deep Learning:-


Criteria Machine Learning Deep Learning
Number of Data Inputs Thousands of data points are used for analysis. Inputs used here are greater in number than Machine Learning.
Outputs Generally, the output here is a numerical value like a score or classification. Free from type, The output here can be anything. Maybe a text, sound, score or can be anything.
Working Various automated algorithms are implemented to predict future decisions and derive many models using it. This interprets data features and the relationship between them using a neural network. This passes the information via several stages.
Management The various algorithms are directed by the analyst to examine the different variables in the dataset. Here the algorithms are self-directed for all data analysts.

Where will we see both the technology in the future?


Now you all have understood and have got some idea about what is the difference between both Machine learning and Deep learning. Now it is important to know the future of both the technologies.

Some of the key future trends of both of them are mentioned below, Let’s have a look at each of them.

  • As we all are seeing continuous growth in the popularity of both machine learning and deep learning, they both will be the must-have technology stuff in each and every organization. So we can tell that they both have a good future and can provide better benefits to all the organizations.
  • Both of the technologies have opened various paths for research. Previously the research was only limited to few academics but now they have opened for the industrial purpose also.
  • Deep learning and machine learning both of them are making us surprise each and every day. They both have the capabilities to astonish us every day. Deep learning is proving to be one of the best techniques in the industry and provides very high quality and the most efficient performance.

Let’s summarise everything with a clear view that Machine learning is a way to achieve artificial intelligence more efficiently and Artificial Intelligence is every exhibiting human intelligence.

No wonder it is clear that Deep learning is a technique for putting machine learning into practice more effectively.

So with the advancement in technology and with the introduction of many new technologies in the industry, we can expect a huge change in the market. Industries are trying to acquire each and every technology and to gain more profit from them.

It is believed that in the coming years we all will see something new, something unbelievable in the market which we have never ever expected.


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