Mobile Gaming Monetization

Logical Steps for Mobile Game Monetization

Gaming is currently one of the most flourishing activities in the digital world. And it has been getting regular make-overs and upgrades over past few years. Many people, and not just the gaming enthusiasts, are getting hooked on to gaming on their iPad, tablets and smartphones.

So how to create that killer gaming app that could make you a millionaire? 

The fact is very few people have struck gold with their first gaming app idea. Brace yourself for multiple hit-and-trials. Your initial focus must be on establishing a team of creative people who will relentlessly keep on trying and rolling out interesting gaming ideas. Even if the team comes up with a single game idea every month, which fails to score a descent success in the market, with average digital marketing spends you will at least be able to recover your break even costs.

Next question, should your game be offered at a price? 

As per trends studied, the most effective way of rolling out your game is to offer it as a freemium, i.e. free of cost. Once your customer downloads the app and gets engaged, or rather gets hooked on, your app should start offering the app user various add on purchasable through the app. But for the user to actually go ahead and buy something on your app your game must be truly exciting and engaging. Now, how engaging your game actually is, is again a matter of personal preference.

In the freemium version you can;

  • Display Ads at suitable intervals or positions on the screens
  • Offer in-app payment options

Planning your ad displays carefully

Monetizing your mobile app should always be well planned. The display banner ads must be well spaced out w.r.t. time intervals and should not clutter the screen. Video ads of small intervals through GIF file formats of duration’s 5 to 10 seconds can be shown.

Offer extra lives on clicking an ad

Pop out your ads at targeted moments and offer extra lives upon watching the ad. You can go creative here and come up with your own idea of motivating the gamer to spend.

Offer premium version of the game on viewership of certain amount of ads

There is nothing that would hold the user back from watching a 15 sec video ad, rather than paying up for a premium version. Hence you can offer your app user the convenience of getting the premium version simply on completing a specified number of views of video ads.

The list is never-ending and you can cook up many more lucrative ways of earning through online gaming apps with a little bit of deliberation. Keep experimenting, keep earning. We wish you all the very best.