iOS application launching

Legal Consideration You Should Immediately Start Worrying About Before You Launch Your iOS Mobile Application!

This may be the boring part for you as much as it can sometimes be for us , however this group of questions along with the product considerations and the marketing consideration must be addressed 100% and ready before you officially launch your iOS mobile application. That is why I will try to keep this topic short and simple.

The first thing that you are going to have to do when you sign up for a corporate iOS mobile application developer account like Mobiloitte has is to accept the App Store’s Terms & Condition (T &Cs). Here comes the first question:

Do you personally have authorization to enter into contract on behalf of your company?

My opinion – Probably not. Therefore before you start anything inside, you are going to have to the T&Cs reviewed by your corporate counsel and be given approval to accept them. You should also discuss about what is going to happen if these T&Cs change which happens quite often and with every adding of new features inside the store.

You should also open the discussion about the EULA (End User Licence Agreement) between you and your users. If you don’t provide one, you will get Apple’s Stock EULA. Be sure that this is not the EULA you would want to ship with your product.  Also remember to ask if the legal guys will provide different EULA in different countries, and whether they want the EULA to be translated in different languages.

Feeling tired already?  Here is one last thing you might need to address…

Find out what open source licences are acceptable to the company and discuss how any attribution requirement will be handled. Many applications choose to have the attributions for any open source packages they use displayed on a separate tab on the Settings page of their application. There are even scripts that can automate this task which I will try to post it soon.

Do you give serious importance to the legal issues regarding placing and launching your application on App Store as we do? Feel free to share your positive and less positive experiences here with us.