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Laravel 5.4 : What’s New Features and Changes

The technology is moving at a faster pace as to leverage more improved version of the framework. As we know, Laravel is one of the most popular PHP frameworks, which has undergone transformation to survive the test of time, And has continued to improve the versions time and again with the new version from 5.3 to 5.4.  Officially released on Jan 24, 2017, it comes with a variety of excellent new optimizations and features that make the development process quick and easy.

Let’s have a quick glimpse on some of the features of Laravel 5.4.

Laravel Dusk:

Now the latest version “dusk” in laravel 5.4 is based on BrowserKit that uses ChromeDriver and the Facebook Php-web driver, replacing Symfony BrowserKit. And due to this, Dusk support Javascript, making it an end-to-end testing tool. Dusk works with the Selenium browser. However, arrives with the ChromeDriver by default, benefiting you to save from installing JDK or Selenium. Well, the most crucial benefit of dusk is, it renders easy helping methods such as login for a smooth user instance

Real Time Facades:

In the old version of Laravel, it was a hassle task to create your own facades, whereas the new update, easily converts your application class into a facade. The new update performs on-demand task so that you can get rid of countless onlookers.

Blade Components and Slots:

As we already know that there are not as many changes in blade components and slots, they are quite similar to the earlier version. Although it provides a flexible and easy way to create templates. Developers familiar with Vue.js, will not find much difference.

Markdown Mail and Notification:

Laravel 5.4 comes with pre-built markdown templates and components, which were required for mail and notifications, allowing developers to create responsive HTML emails. For example; While sending email, integrating Markdown with Blade components allows fetching maximum flexibility.

Laravel Mix:

The next interesting feature of Laravel 5.4  is Elixir API followed by Laravel Mix. Introduced for the first time in the updates, this feature is recommended for building tool wrapper of choice. It is developed in Webpack, instead of Gulp.

Redis Cluster Support:

Get ready to define Redis connections to a number of single hosts and multiple clusters within the same application, as it is not required to cluster in single host in the same application.


In the latest update “collection” provides short-cuts or you can say “higher order messages”, and you can perform common actions on them. Further, the latest Laravel 5.4 offers a host of features to provide ease for application development.

With the new features in  Laravel 5.4, improvements and special attention are given on the following aspects;

  • New trim strings and Middleware
  • Real-time Facades
  • Custom Pivot Table Models
  • Json Based Language Files
  • Object Based Eloquent Events
  • Job Level Retry and Timeout

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