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Kotlin Vs Java -Which is Better for Android App Development

Android has been around for 10 years. Since the time this has grown and built up large and efficient frameworks that has made everyone interested in the app development and a willingness to working with the system.

Various languages have builded up the pillar of Android Development and the best one was Java. Java is a reputed open source programming language which was serving app developers and also supports almost any type of machine. This Object Oriented language is way more than just app development. But the coming of the new languages is giving a great competition to this native language.

And Kotlin was one of them. Google has acknowledged Kotlin as the second official language for Android. This Modern language is absolutely growing in the future. Kotlin was introduced by JetBrains which adds qualities to java and aids mobile development.

What is Kotlin?

Kotlin is a statically typed programming language and incorporates some functional features that improve the coding experience and makes it more interactive and effective. This is easy to learn language and is compatible with Java and Objective C.

What can we create with both?

Well discussing both, Java is the incredible language which makes us create anything such as websites, apps for Android, voting systems for companies, among other things. Similar Kotlin is a subset of java which helps to create anything. Various sites like Pinterest, Flipboard are developed using Kotlin.

Moving Ahead in this topic, lets C Which makes Android development easier-

In terms of Interoperability and interchangeable, Kotlin is 100% perfect as this makes possible to run java codes and compile it to javascript. This allows developers to update java apps.

In terms of Speed and code execution Kotlin acts better as this is verbose, in comparison 50 lines of code written in Java, can be written in 5-10 lines in kotlin and thus makes the execution of the codes faster. With improved syntax and concise expression and abstraction, kotlin leads here.

In terms of Android API, Java has some limitations & faces some issues but Kotlin solves this helps in building API’s.

Last but not least , the null types which was missing in java which is completed by kotlin. This is something which is used to represent the absence of value in android and kotlin lets you use this greatly.

Coming to an end, being the most oldest language Java has its own reputation and acceptability among developers. Whereas Kotlin is the new pragmatic and intuitive language and is the future of app development.


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