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Kids Education or Kids Gaming Apps? Where does Profit lies?


With every passing day, the mobile & tablet application developers are developing more innovative and engaging apps targeting a large user base. Kids are one of the most challenging users to woo as they have shifting focus and they get disengaged in a short duration.

By Aug of 2016, the market reach of games and kids apps in the US has reached 59% whereas as education app has a market reach of 13%. The average monthly app usage frequency of various app categories by the fourth quarter of 2015 reveal that there was an average of 9.5 sessions per month on gaming apps while all apps received 12.8 sessions per month. These statistics indicate that the mobile application users are more inclined towards gaming apps which is one of the top categories of the mobile applications. The US market statistics implicate that these trends replicate in the kid’s category.

Gaming Apps

The spending on games app makes up for 7.8 percent of the worldwide mobile gaming market in 2015 according to Super-data research which comes up to $ 1.9 billion dollars whereas the mobile gaming ecosystem comes up to be 30 billion US dollars. The premium paid apps are popular among parents as they comply with global standards when it comes to marketing to children. Parents also prefer paid apps as there is one-time fee and kids don’t bother parents with buying any virtual goods. The free to play games still makes ample amount of money through mobile advertising and in-app purchases.

The tablet games gain more traction as compared to the mobile games as they offer a larger screen size as compared to mobile games. The iOS and android tablet application development services provider are focused on harnessing the device capabilities of tablets while designing games.

Education Apps

When it comes to education apps, a research found that 80% of top selling apps are targeted to children.The apps for preschoolers and toddlers are the most popular app in the education category. The education app market is expected to surpass US $ 7 billion by 2019 as the adoption and inclination towards e-learning has increased over the years. The m-learning or mobile application based learning is expected to grow at a staggering rate of 34% between the period of 2016 and 2019.


The statistics and rationale presented above indicate that at present kids gaming apps have ample amount of opportunities for the mobile application developers to capitalize whereas in near future the tide will turn in the favor of kids education apps as digital education ecosystem propagates.

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