Julia – Making Machine Learning More Efficient

Julia – Making Machine Learning More Efficient

Machine Learning is changing the face of each and every technological stuff at a greater speed.

Many top brands like Netflix, Amazon, and Facebook are using this technology to fuel up their business. 

Machine Learning technology is enabling them to engage more users and to customize their services according to the need of users. This increases the ROI of their business.

According to a report:- 

  • Netflix with the help of machine learning curates the content according to the user base and delivers them what they want to see.
  • Amazon lowered its ‘Click-to-ship’ time by 225% using Machine Learning.

With this, we came to know how various brands are using Machine Learning in their business to increase the ROI.

Let’s now see how the Mobile app development process can be made effective using Machine Learning.

Machine Learning is a combination of a number of programming languages. These all together made this a successful technology stack in the market.

There are a number of programming languages which are used in Machine Learning but out of them, Julia has emerged as one of the best.

Julia Programming Language:- 

Julia initially released in 2012 is a high-level general-purpose programming language. This is basically used for numerical performance analysis and high-end computation.

This programming language offers multiple sets of features, including multiple dispatches, support for parallel and distributed computing as well as an in-built package manager. 

This language is a perfect blend of Python, Ruby, Matlab, and C.

This simply means it allows the Machine learning developers to enjoy the speed of C with the dynamism of Ruby, along with usability of python and the mathematical power of MATLAB.

Some additional features of Julia programming language:-

  • Better Risk Management options.
  • Creating efficient software and tools using the power of Augmented Reality.
  • Good hardware integration
  • Julia has web-programming for both Client and server-side.
  • Writing UIs effectively.
  • Building effective healthcare-based solutions.
  • Better image processing and Deep Learning.

Julia received many appreciations from developers and the growth of this indicates the fact that this programming language will rule the technology market.

Let’s wait and watch how this programming language will perform and compete with other well-established languages in this Techworld.

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