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JAVA 11 – All About The New Features and Updates

As it’s known to all that Android is the most popular mobile app platform with the largest number of devices running on this. It’s already a common knowledge that Android is based upon Java and being the core of Android is likely to be the most preferred language for aspiring Android developers. Java is a common and advanced language is growing up with the new features and updates by resolving it’s drawbacks and is becoming more user-friendly.

The new release of Java brings a lot’s of new features. One of the main highlights that will come with Java 11 is long-term support of the platform & some nice goodies from the security perspective including new string and files utility methods.

The latest Java 11 besides a huge number of small improvements and bug fixes, contains 17 major enhancements including:

  • Several updates in the Hotspot and garbage collectors
  • New HTTP client
  • Unicode 10
  • Deprecating Nashorn JavaScript Engine and Pack200 tool
  • Removing the Java EE and CORBA Modules
  • The local-variable syntax for Lambda parameters
  • Launch single-file source-code programs, And several security features

Some Updated Features of Java 11:

New open source mission control and Flight Recorder: Developers who were struggling with performance issues and troubleshooting this new feature will be a boon for them.

No garbage collector: As we know that distributed systems are already very effective which alters the need of garbage collector.
Launching of Single-File Source-Code Programs: This might sound a small upgrade to you but it can be an amazing feature for the newbies who are about to learn java.
Var Handles: A huge step forward for eliminating the need for the use of sun.misc.

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