Mobiloitte on IoT and Healthcare in India!

Join Mobiloitte, as the CMD Mr. Jagdish Harsh, talks about “IoT and Healthcare in India – Smart Humans (Smart Health and Wearables)” at BIEC, Bengaluru on 4th of March from 4:00PM to 4:30PM. IoT has the capability of bringing the treatment right to the doorstep of the patients’. This innovative technology will help resolve the Indian health industry’s current challenges and ensure healthcare facilities at a lower cost to our vast population.

This talk is all about connected healthcare leveraging technology – mobile phones and apps, remote monitoring tools, personal health care trackers, sensors, computers and networked devices, to help providers and patients manage chronic conditions, maintain health & wellness and improve adherence, engagements and clinical outcomes.

Connected health addresses a wide range of health challenges, from heart failure, hypertension & diabetes, to parental care, medical adherence, cancer pain management, teen asthma and smoking cessation.

Predictive models, along with the insights gleaned from healthcare IoTization, will facilitate the bed bound residents with self-monitoring of their health parameters. Businesses will be able to automate their processes, improve efficiencies and bring the providers closer to the patients by enabling real-time patient access, thus solving some of the biggest challenges in healthcare industry today – time and accessibility.

Key Takeaways:

  • Inclusive Approach:
    1) Apps First – Simple Apps to include mass population for creating awareness around healthcare, forecasting, vaccinations programs and pre & post pregnancy care.
    2) Connect People – Connect medics with patients, women with maternity related information across villages in their local languages.

  • Data Aggregation:
    1) Aggregate all data flowing in and out in a centralized secure server. Cloud is probably the best option.
    2)Train the data: Get intelligible insights from data. Put data analysts and data scientists to work.

  • Connect Things: Connect Sensors – to machines, to wearables, to medical equipment, to streetlights

  • Connect People: Connect the Dots – Sensors & Wearable to machines to People to Big Data Analytics. Package, Load, Diagnose and Advise

  • Secure Data: Data at Rest – Encrypt Data wherever stored. Encrypt, Obfuscate and make them accessible through a well-defined and coarse grained policy control.

  • Share Data with Care: Safety & Health –Share patient record, EHR files with other subject matter experts in real-time for more objective views

Speaker Profile


Jagdish Harsh is the Founder and Chairman of Mobiloitte, an IT company based in New Delhi, Singapore, UK and USA focusing on BOTS, APPS, DIGITAL and IoT. Jagdish has over 18 years of Senior Management and Global Executive Management experience in Corporate Sector, Non profit, Academia, United Nations and Public Private PartnershipsIn past, Jagdish was instrumental in establishing over 40 plus, HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, Malaria and other Infectious and Non Communicable Disease programs ranging from Clinical Centers, IEC, Counseling and Training Centers and laboratories in India, USSR, Mongolia, Europe and Myanmar. He has now set up Mobiloitte foundation to take up the digital, healthcare IoT route to beneficiaries in smart cities and rural areas. A polyglot and globetrotter, Jagdish has served as consultant at UNICEF, UNAIDS among other agencies. Several workshops and seminars including publications in mhealth and medicine go to his credit. Most of his career has been spent in reaching difficult to reach people and places, and so his prime focus is now to leverage technology initiatives for basic things in life, with financially sustainable solutions.