Ionic AngularJS Hybrid App Development

How Ionic & AngularJS are Better Choice for Businesses?

As mobile apps and web apps have already revolutionized SME’s (Small and Mid-Sized Enterprises) work habits and browsing patterns as well. There are a lot of leading edge tools and frameworks that have eased the task of developers. But Ionic and AngularJS, it is the great combination and organizations can build high-end hybrid apps and web portals. Consequently, it delivers plenty of features and helpful web applications to businesses. So that, they can improve business presence through their apps.

Ionic is the new platform and specialized in cross-platform mobile application development. Mainly, it is the front-end SDK and built on top of AngularJS i.e. popular Java Script library. It gives reuse code feature for developing native mobile applications. In past few years, most of the organizations have switched their legacy framework with the young framework (Ionic and AngularJS).

Reasons: Why Businesses are embracing an Ultimate Combination of Ionic & AngularJS?

If you are involved in retail, hospitality, wholesale distribution and financial industries – it means enterprises should adopt a framework for progressive web apps that focus on customer engagement. Therefore, nowadays businesses are going with Ionic platform. It includes a couple of reasons why it is a better choice for maximizing web presence:

One App Many Platforms: Time has changed and experts have come up with latest frameworks. With the advancement of technology, developers can save their time with the statement of “Write Once, Run Everywhere”. With the help of reusable code feature developers can build apps that will run on all major platforms like Android, Windows and iOS.

Ionic Features: Ionic helps in creating interactive web apps and offers a library of mobile optimized CSS, HTML and JS. Today’s a trend of speedy and faster applications so that organizations could improve their performance. Apart from these, best platform for user interface, debugging and a dozen of components are wrapped with Ionic.

Deadly combinations of Ionic and AngularJS: Do you know why it is the deadly combination? Because enterprise can get a hybrid application that helps you build a larger market base and delivers greater access. With the using of AngularJS enterprises can build a scalable and faster application – providing many services like push notification and analytics.

Money Matters a Lot: One of the major problems occur in the companies i.e. cost of an application. How companies can build a cost effective application across different platforms? Have you tried a hybrid mobile application development platform? There are a couple of platforms like PhoneGap, Xamarin and Titanium through enterprises can get cross-platform applications. But SME’s can go with an efficient combination of Ionic and AngularJS due to cost effective platform.

In past few years, cross-platform apps have surprised to everyone by positive feedback and make sure it will rock in future years.