Internet of Things Reshaping Various Industries

Internet of Things Reshaping Various Industries

The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the concept of doing business in the real world. IoT helps in enabling the wireless connectivity between everyday objects with the organizations. IoT is unlocking new innovations in various verticals.

Those who can easily understand and handle the power of IoT can dramatically change the way of doing business. 

With all these aspects combined in our day to day life, IoT has already started changing the lifestyle of people in many ways. 

Before going into more deep, Let’s first know some basics of IoT.

What is the Internet of Things?

The term IoT refers to the networking of objects via embedded wireless technology. The IoT devices can monitor their surrounding environment and share information with other systems for further processing.

Let’s see how embedded network technology is changing the pace and face of many industries. 

IoT in Retail:- 

IoT in Retail

In a smart retail store, the footfalls can be analyzed so that the retailers can understand and analyze the journey entire shop. 

With the implementation of IoT in the Retail industry, the owner of the smart store uses video foot tracking systems to monitor which is the most selling good in the store. 

The store owner will also get notified whenever a customer is facing any difficulty in finding a product. They can immediately assign an executive to them so that they won’t face any problem in finding the products.

With the growth of demand for the online marketplace, retailers are always looking for more opportunities to pull a large customer base. The retailers are trying to pull customers to their offline store rather than online stores. 

IoT helps retailers to understand, analyze and work according to the data and analytics. 

IoT in Smart Cities:- 

IoT in Smart Cities

Many countries are adding or are making plans to make their cities a smart city by adding various types of IoT enabled sensors. The IoT enabled sensors and other connected technologies help in improving the lives of the citizens.

Technology is changing day by day and is impacting a lot in every citizen’s life. The smart city is one of the prominent sectors which is led by technology and is making a drastic change in the living style of the citizens.

Making a city smart city includes lots of efforts and includes many other things that also need to be made smart. 

IoT in Healthcare:- 

IoT in Healthcare

As per many industry reports, healthcare is going to be one of the most crucial industries in which IoT is transforming. There are many IoT enabled medical equipment connected to the embedded network. 

These medical instruments shares images and patient reports along with real-time location tracking and many other features that are making these instruments very helpful for the patients.

IoT is undisputed and is looking for opportunities to leverage technology and improve efficiency. With the growing need for IoT in healthcare, within a few years, the hospitals will be more IoT connected and improved. 

IoT in Smart Home:- 

IoT in Smart Home

Making your own house better than others is the dream of every common man. Just imagine IoT making your home a smart home. 

The smart home includes various IoT solutions like Kitchen care solutions, Smart Bulb Solutions, Smart Plug Solutions, Garage Solutions which when combined at a single space makes your home a smart home. 

There are many advantages of Smart Home IoT Devices, Some of them are:- 

  • Reduced electricity costs.
  • Energy Saving.
  • A smart lock makes your home more secure.

There are many other advantages of IoT in Smart home. Within the next few years the way one sees his/her home will change. 

IoT in Transportation:- 

IoT in Transportation

With the increase in the number of freight and public transportation, they equip most of the vehicles with sensors that help in Maintenance of the vehicles and also in fuel management. 

IoT helps in minimizing the risk of road accidents, as most of the vehicles have digital data recorders installed to take video samples under serious traffic conditions. 

IoT in Manufacturing:- 

IoT in Manufacturing

The contribution of IoT towards manufacturing is the highest of all. Manufacturers are using IoT to optimize their processes and to monitor their equipment with predictive analysis. 

Smart manufacturing is the use of IoT devices to improve the productivity and efficiency of the production house. With pre-installed IoT efficient equipment, the manufacturing industry is making a great profit. 

IoT and Wearables:- 

IoT and Wearables

Wearables are one of the most trending technology in today’s tech world. Many global brands like Apple and Samsung are jumping into the competition of wearables. 

IoT is a very large domain that includes many domains like fitness, health, sports, and many other verticals. 

The sensors used in wearables are small but are very efficient. They can measure various parameters of a human body, Parameters like Pulse rate, heart rate, and many other things. This all is possible due to IoT enabled in wearables. 


From a Smart kitchen to making your parking spaces more efficient IoT has added a lot of changes in the digital world. IoT is in the next level of automating each and every object in our daily life. 

IoT no doubt is a multi-trillion industry in the upcoming years. The business needs to achieve every milestone and to get those milestones they have to overcome many obstacles and barriers to witness the benefits of IoT.


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