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Increase Customer Loyalty with Your Branded Mobile App

Have you just kicked off your business and familiar with loyalty and reward programs? The loyalty program is one of the effective and time-tested means to grow business by improving sales and adding numbers to your customer base. There may have been several ways to increase customer loyalty, however, traditional ways are giving way to the tech-based approach. With the `digital’ landscape spreading wider and deeper, and both your customer and prospect in the midst of the `mobile revolution’, technology is the way to go. In this post, we thus discuss as to how vendors can attain new customer and retain existing ones quickly and consistently.

It’s a no-brainer that mobile shopping has become a trend around the world in the recent years. Today, approximately 60% of customers prefer online shopping through mobile apps. Taking cue from this expanding trend, merchants naturally are paying more attention to engage customers to buy through mobile applications. There are two ways for retaining customers: –

  • Deliver loyalty and reward programs via mobile apps
  • Build loyalty apps

However, both are necessary for any kind of business to increase the number of loyal customers and grow the numbers.

Augmented Reality Mobile Apps: – Augmented reality is the blending of VR (Virtual Reality) and real life. With AR applications, customers can visualize products in the real world, in real time. However, Gartner says AR will become an essential tool for businesses operating in the current eco-system. Adoption of well thought of augmented reality mobile apps will improve business process efficiencies and customer satisfaction as well. AR can be used in various fields such as:

  • Virtual reality 3D games
  • Education & training
  • Online shopping (eCommerce)
  • Map services
  • Digital museum tour

iBeacon Applications: – iBeacon technology is thriving in the marketplace over the world. iBeacon based mobile apps broadcast tiny and small pieces of information within short distances. This technology supports BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) communication.

Many retailers worldwide have been experimenting with iBeacon mobile applications. So how can this be put to use to engage customers? An example of this could be customers who enter a particular brand’s store with their mobile app installed in their smart device will be automatically alerted about latest offers and deals. Using iBeacon technology, customers can easily check out each and every offer and make the most of the bargains that come their way through the mobile app.

Mobile Apps Must be Integrated with Social Media: – Now more than ever, it’s just a way to target audiences and achieve business goals. Social media networks are an essential part of the mobile experience. A sizeable global population is now communicating via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. Without integration with these mediums, your organization is missing out a massive population. Social media integration of your mobile app is, therefore, not just important, it is mission-critical.

Be where your customer / prospect is! Mobile applications will increasingly matter to boost sales by building a strong customer base and then nurturing it. If you are looking a mobile application development company, then you are at right place – connect with us and see your sales zoom.