Why ORM Is Important?

Importance of Online Reputation Management (ORM) for Businesses

Online Reputation Management is the act of addressing SERPs ( search engine result pages) in online media and web content. It helps in monitoring and improving your business presence online. It analyzes what a potential customer will discover about your brand, your service or your product when they perform a Google search.

The Concept of ORM in Digital Marketing

The concept of ORM in digital Marketing plays an important role as it helps to get rid of negative reviews about a company and brand from search engines. Reputation is the first priority for a brand and if somebody adds negative reviews about the brand it can be removed using the benefits of Online Reputation Management Services. The reputation of a company is important because there are many businesses that only work in one niche rather than any company. This means that they have great knowledge about that specific area and can give expert SEO services to a brand. The concept of Online Reputation Management involves inserting new content online that pushes away the unwanted content lower in the search. It has a very big impact on a company’s revenue. An effective strategy can provide you with new opportunities and insight on increasing your brand awareness. Do you know that 75% of online users are more likely to scour through negative material available through searches? People talk about brands, events, and everything that they see around them but as a marketer, you need to analyze everything that they are saying about your brand, and how is it affecting your business.


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How ORM is Important in Digital Marketing

  • Boost your Search Engine Optimization It is important to factor in SEO as it impacts on search engine rankings.
  • Improve brand visibility: ORM helps you in improving the feedback about your brand and create brand visibility.
  • Improve Sales: People are more attracted to the company who has more positive reviews as it helps to increase your company’s sale with positive reviews.

Why ORM is Important for your Business?

Life is all about creating an image and improving it day by day. For example, when most of the transactions are carried out online it is very important to ensure that your brand is presentable online. Maintaining a reputation is equally important while starting a new business. Its importance can be listed as follows:

  • The preferences of the people depend largely on the search result. Before buying any product, people look for it online to know more about the brand and its reviews. If they find a negative review about that brand, then they prefer to stay away from that brand.
  • Anyone can give feedback about you online, even competitors do this deliberately to spoil your online reputation.
  • Good content is beneficial for the business. Using ORM services you are able to eliminate the negative content online and will be able to enhance your business.

Who Needs ORM Services?

Let’s check out the list of those who need ORM Services.

  • Brands: Brands are sold on reputation and they need to maintain their image to protect their brand. ORM is important because it adds sincerity in brand communication and makes it more attractive for customers.
  • Lawyers: It is difficult for lawyers to build and maintain their reputation. Law profession belongs to an educated class and their reputation needs to be maintained as only good image and lost cases will bring them negative comments.
  • Celebrities: For celebrities, ORM is equally important as their name is their brand and they are the easiest targets of negative rumors. Even a small negative comment can spoil their reputation. This is the reason why it is important for celebrities.

Why your Competitors are Better?

In business, everything doesn’t depend on the quality of your product and the services you offer. It also depends on your managing skills. Some of the things your competitors might be doing are as follows:

  • They monitor their content online and believe in building customer reviews as positive reviews attract new customers.
  • To stay in touch with social buyers, they are actively engaged in social media interaction.
  • For highlighting their activities they take the help of the press and media.


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How ORM Impact Digital Marketing?

There are 90% of the consumers who read online reviews before visiting a business and judge your company by what they find on Google. They can easily search for your company and what you offer and then they come up with good or bad reviews about your company. Whether you are developing a business partnership or closing a business your online reputation counts and a negative online presence can severely impact the success of your business.

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How to Check What your Reputation is?

You have to first analyze your online presence before you can start to make improvements. By using the following checklist below you can check your online presence.

  • Search: Google your business or product name and look at the first five listings. Are you in the first five listings? If not you have to work hard on your search ranking. Not everyone is a happy customer you have to make sure that your impression should be positive on Google.
  • Google Business Listing: You should check your Google business listing whether it exists or not? If it exists, then check for the accurate information present on it.
  • Social: For the social presence check your brand’s social channel such as:
  • How many followers do you have and when was the last time you posted?
  • Check the average response time and messages.
  • Whether your posting represent and reflect your brand or not?
  • Reviews: Check out your Google and Facebook reviews. Do you have any or not? If yes, then how many stars do you have? Are customers leaving reviews on your page? Also, check that your team is responding to it or not?

How to Enhance your Online Presence?

  • Research & Analyse: Carry out research and analyze yourself on Google. Identify how your brand appears on Google and analyze the flaws that appear.
  • Social media: For enhancing your brand create social media accounts which in turn will help you in interacting with a wider audience and make your services/product penetrate in the market.
  • Customer reviews: Reviews play an important role and are always helpful for you. Submit the reviews of genuine customers which will help in creating a positive impact on your brand because a good number of reviews help in improving the ranking too.

Online Reputation Management is not a one-day activity. It requires frequent monitoring to see how you’re doing. You should keep an eye on all your activities and how your brand is represented online will only help your business in the long-term.