iBeacon Technology

iBeacon: Revolutionizing Customer Engagement in Retail

iBeacon has taken the retail industry by storm. The retail outlet is no more a one-sided conversationalist with its static signboards and in-store displays. With iBeacon, retailers can now interact and pro-actively engage with its customers, not just when they are inside the store, but also when they are outside or around its premises.

What is iBeacon?

An iBeacon is a small, portable electronic device that works with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology, can be fixed anywhere targeting the audience within its range. BLE allows the iBeacon to establish two-way communications with other Bluetooth enabled devices when they enter a specified radius around it. Its communication loop includes a signal sending device (the iBeacon) and a signal receiving device (a smartphone with an app installed for communicating with the iBeacon).

How iBeacon interacts with Smartphones?

The communication of the iBeacon device and mobile devices is done via BLE technology. The two way technology allows iBeacon device to collect user shopping preference from their mobile app. We at Mobiloitte, during iOS development, leverages architecture of iBeacon powered apps in a way that it gives end-user an interface to input their preference, and the mobile device communicates what user is looking for in back-end with near-by beacons. The beacon devices collects the information and check available offers related to end-users’ preferences and share it with them to walk-in and explore.

Advantage for Retail Industry:

iBeacon implementation makes a win-win situation for both end-users and retailers. For example, apps like Hello Local available on iOS trigger different kinds of proximity based engagements with customers whenever they stand in front of a product or surf between products inside a retail store. Now, let’s check out the advantages below:

  • iBeacons offer feature-rich buying experience within the store, much more than just picking up a product from the display and putting it into the cart
  • Retailer can give detailed information about their products that the customer explores through while inside the store
  • Push best-buy offers product-wise along with similar product comparisons to motivate customers to buy
  • iBeacons have added much to the erstwhile static billboards by turning them into interactive digital screens
  • Once customers come close to these interactive billboards, their app-installed Bluetooth devices trigger a response from the iBeacon which starts displaying surreal product information for all nearby products that may be of interest to the buyer
  • Accessing information from the iBeacon is also easy for the buyer as it does not require any passwords, email IDs or other data in order to avail the offers or use promo codes
  • The iBeacon collects analytics based on buyer behavior, which retailers can use to maintain optimum stock or push the non-moving ones
  • The iBeacon help in cutting down on manpower as it works like a self-service device offering directions on how to reach a particular product along with various other insights like discount offers, product comparisons, etc. without the need for human interference
  • Since they run for over 6 months on a single charge, thanks to the power efficient BLE technology, that are hassle-free and do not create frequent charging hassles
  • iBeacon devices are very economical, thus a few small ticket sales will start driving revenue to the retailers

Hence it becomes imperative for retailers to start iBeaconing today and witness growth of business by leaps and bounce.