Gaming Experience with iBeacon Technology

iBeacon – The Next Big Thing in Gaming..

Are you an avoid gamer?

Do you play lots of multiplayer games like RPG (Role-Playing Games), MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena), MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games) and FPS (First Person Shooter on server) apart from other games that have multiple users?

Here are some reasons why iBeacons will be perfect for you in case the players are in your proximity:

Boost Frame Rates

  • You should use iBeacons instead of LAN or Wi-Fi in order to boost your game’s frame rate (FPS) so that the game does not lag.
  • If you are an expert multiplayer gamer, you should know that slow data connections make games lag and refresh slower which results in bad game play and loss of life or strategy.
  • With iBeacons there is no fear of signal drops or server timeout. You are connected to an iBeacon that works on Bluetooth. With Bluetooth, the signal drops only if you leave the signal boundary.

Engage Players Around You

  • With Multiplayer, it is difficult to find people in your local server, but with iBeacon you can scan for local people around you who are currently online on the game in multiplayer mode.
  • With multiplayer on iBeacon, you can play with over 100 players in a game locally. You do not need to invite foreign players.
  • Organize credit-based rewards to gift the best sniper, best gunner, best strategist, etc. and boost team work and game play.

Scavenger Hunting

  • You can organize scavenger hunts in your locality by installing iBeacons in strategic places and whenever a player passes a beacon, they finish a task or win some reward.
  • The team which passes all beacons first wins.
  • The team that passes the wrong beacon instead of the designated one gets penalized.
  • The player that fails to find a beacon gets disqualified.

Laser-Tag with iBeacons

  • Give new dimensions to the iconic Laser-Tag game with iBeacons installed on every player’s jacket.
  • Track them on a screen with a map that plots their every move.
  • Get close and shoot them.
  • This would make your game more exciting and engaging.

Offers and Promos

  • Shops selling games can invite new gamers by giving them virtual rewards on games based on their activity within a game shop.
  • Like Tapjoy’s offer wall, they need to complete tasks or objectives in the physical world to get these virtual points.

Proximity Based Games

  • Very soon gaming companies will make games for the iBeacon that will use proximity sensing to add to the gamer’s environment.
  • This will help the gamers locate enemies faster via a radar that would tell when the enemy is nearby. Many games have had this capability in the virtual sense, but with iBeacons, this whole experience would become very realistic since real-world enemies track better than bots inside a game.

Real-time Notifications

  • Just like most multiplayer games, the iBeacon would also allow you to ping in commands via audio messages to your team members. Since this is Bluetooth in action, the command would get delivered faster within seconds.
  • The games can generate push notifications based on strategy that you are using to alert your team members all at once about what to do next.

Gaming industries around the world have already started developing games for iBeacons and will immensely benefit from massive sales since people want to try something new. Virtual Reality based games like the PS Vita and Nintendo Wii will get more power thanks to the use of iBeacons, since they add location proximity which was unavailable in most games especially in real-time with real humans in action.