iBeacon for Business Verticals

How iBeacon is Making Space in the Mobile App World in Different Business Verticals?

Don’t get confused at all! iBeacons are not just for advertising, brand promotion or shopping! They can be part of your various business verticals too!

Any business can use iBeacons to leverage the analytics that emanate from it in order to improve their business processes, cut-down unnecessary costs and see where they go wrong in order to improve the business as a whole.

Here are some ways in which you can use iBeacons with mobile apps to improve your business verticals:

Retail and Shopping

  • Use analytical statistics like footfalls, specific-area visits, items purchases, number of units purchased for a product and overall budget used by each customer to understand how a customer thinks.
  • With footfalls, you can understand which places to install iBeacons in to send contextually relevant notifications to customers and which places to remove iBeacons from – places where general products sells on their own.
  • Send credit points to customers if they spend time at your office or department, this way they will employ services of your business more frequently.

Hotels and Hospitality

  • Greet arriving guests with customized greetings and ‘on-arrival’ benefits like additional offers.
  • Make their check-ins easier to their room with iBeacons installed on their room door.
  • Help them order food menu items via apps through an iBeacon rather than using the room service option where they need to wait for the call to connect. They can make customized menus whenever they feel like and from any place inside or around the hotel.

Field Force Management

  • Manage your employees and timesheets with apps that register an employee’s check-in or check-out when they pass sentry iBeacons.
  • Manage peak days like weekends with ease by employing more staff after analysing footfall data for your business vertical.
  • Real-time analytics will help you send more workforces to a particularly crowded area like a restaurant inside a hotel or a waiting room inside a hospital.

Corporate Announcements

  • Rather than calling each employee separately for the same instructions, send them custom messages that they can read on their phone.
  • This way, instructions are clear and concise and all employees receive critical information at once.
  • In case of fire safety, a fire drill can be initiated with one message that is sent to everyone’s device that is present inside the building or area covered by such iBeacons.

Car Parking Facilities

  • During busy weekend, help visitors search parking space with ease according to iBeacon mapping in your business area.
  • Map guidance will help them reach the vacant spot without having to drive through the entire parking lot.
  • They can be directed to the nearest one according to the map generated by each iBeacon.

Optimize Room Service Or Client Servicing

  • If a particular office cabin or room in a hotel is empty (no visitors checked-in), the room can be quickly cleaned by room service staff without annoying the guests.
  • Sending notifications to clients sitting in a meeting room at once helps cut down their waiting time and boosts client confidence in your brand.

With powerful working and functionality iBeacon are providing themselves to be pretty useful for multi business verticals. Ever since the evolution of iBeacon, businesses in different industries are accepting it for branding, customer acquisition, facilitating customers and they love the ways how iBeacon are empowering user.

Beacons help businesses and their verticals to use real-time analytics generated by iBeacons to come up with game plans and actionable insights that help them streamline business services and generate more revenue in the long run.

From the very beginning of iBeacon technology we are offering iBeacon applications development as a service, making business experiences fun as well as profitable. Let’s discuss how we will help your monetize with iBeacons.