Security Token Offering

How would I create my own security token offerings (STO)?

Blockchain is one of the exciting technologies supporting crypto-assets such as Ether, Bitcoin, utility tokens, and tokens for protection. Crypto-assets give the financial services industry a huge opportunity to bring change.

In addition, utility tokens simply serve as access to the service while the security tokens are entitled to specific privileges such as income sharing privileges, voting rights, dividends, etc. We’ll clarify in depth in this article how to launch a security token.

What is Security Token Offering

After smart contracts, ethereum and utility token the cryptocurrency crown now dominated by other star security tokens. Security tokens are considered to be the best remedy for wounds caused by ICO.

Security token offers (STOs) combine ICO and IPO features to provide a perfect balance by providing low-cost funding while adhering to securities law enforcement. A holder of a protection token may gain some ownership rights and become a business stakeholder.

Advantages of Security Tokens?

Tokenized securities come with many benefits, unlike conventional financial models. Let’s have a look at a few of them:-

Smart contracts remove intermediaries such as third parties, which in turn reduces service delivery costs. 

Know Your Customer(KYC) and Anti Money Laundering(AML) checks are easy as they are automated, making trading & selling assets easy to approved investors.

The tokens might be qualified for universal trading based on their definition, which means you’re trading from anywhere in the world because you have your own digital wallet.

24/7 Trading
Crypto token trading beats standard trading as it’s non-stop. You can trade any time, night or day.

Quick adoption
Safety tokens are expected to be implemented quickly once it is known they will result in more liquidity and less administration.

Types of Security token offering

As discussed, security token should be a real-world commodity, and any sale of a security token should be backed by something tangible.
On that basis, Security Token Offerings are classified into three types:-

Equity tokens

Reflecting the ownership of the company’s issued shares on a ledger. The main distinction between an equity token and the standard stock lies in the documentation of ownership. The equity token is registered on a blockchain which is immutable.

Debt tokens

They represent debt instruments, such as corporate bonds and immovable mortgages. And these tokens are determined by risk and dividend.

Real Assets

Real assets broken real assets reflect an asset’s ownership, such as commodities, real estate, or even art. Blockchain technology enables open transaction tracking that helps to reduce fraud.

How to launch your own STO?

It’s important to come up with an idea that can attract more investors before you decide to launch a Security Token Offering.

Since a security token needs to meet those laws, make sure to work with a team of legal experts who can assist you with the regulatory requirements in various countries.

STO Business Plan

STO would require incremental sequential method implementation. First and foremost, the issuer must know what he/she will do, How the entire process will be approached. The issuer should clearly know about the correct strategy before launching the STO.

Do’s and Don’ts In STO 

You can effectively activate your protection token by recalling the do’s and don’ts of STO. And you can avoid investor lawsuits by identifying the correct and affordable securities. Render the STO activities clear to the investors with a great token sales plan.

Compromising the Security laws

Security laws can differ depending on the type of asset that was backed up by tokens. Such limits, constraints, legal agreements, KYC / AML, tax laws, marketing plans must also be met here.

Decide who to participate and who not to participate 

We can classify crowdfunding or deals into two forms. ICO’s private offers are public offers, and anyone who is interested will participate, but note that STO’s are not public sales, they are private asset placement. Therefore, only the approved investors are subject to STO’s.

Prepare the Financial Backup 

Because the STO requires several processes to comply with the legislation, KYC / AML process, and stock placement, the issuer must have a higher pack-up rate. And have your funding needs ready before you start STO.

Token Creation 

This is the sole of your STO, you’ll need to build tokens that will protect the protection or asset you’re selling. The whole creation of this token must follow the traditional SEC laws which determine the essence of Security Tokens.

By being responsible for any inconvenience on the investor side after STO has been launched, you can finally start your STO.

The Security Tokens Future 

Security Tokens have the high potential to become a simple mode of funding for well-established startups and communities. The businesses that want their security offerings tokenized instead of listing their shares on a stock exchange.

Many small companies or business sectors may still want to operate in an atmosphere free of regulations.


Security tokens display plenty of potentials, even though they remain underused at the moment. The long-term trend is clear: many more security tokens will certainly come on the market in the next few years as the buzz that surrounds them continues to grow.

It will now be an easier job for you to get started with the STO business. Hire the best STO services for your blockchain project, and successfully launch STO.


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