How To Choose The Best Name For Your Upcoming Mobile Application?

This is probably be the most important question outside of the part with the codes and application’s technical list of functionalities. Your application name is going to define your success and failure in everything that comes after the technical part is being completed including:

The virality of your campaign

Cool and catchy name for any product has proven to boost the virality of the marketing campaigns that support it and that is a fact that has been constantly proven throughout history. Fast Consumer Moving industry or complex IT product or solutions, it doesn’t matter – you have to pack all what you offer together under one single name if you want to deliver simple and yet engaging marketing campaign for your application. Take Duracell as one and Angry Bird as second example. Before you remember what value there is behind the product you first sense familiarly with these names. That is because companies behind them have shown consistency in advertising one single benefit or tagline associated with them like Extra power in the case of Duracell.

There is really no best recipe in choosing the best name for your application. Some have shut themselves behind walls and brainstorms every possible name that may come in their mind. Another went out to the nearest bar (my favorite one), have a beer or six and note every random idea that comes from their elevated minds.

Your branding and value proposition 

Best campaigns are simple campaigns that in many cases use plain irony to express common sense or unusual triviality or just everyday appearance. Apple’s advanced iPod MP3 player was advertised under the simple mantra – 10.000 songs in your pocket. In other words, do not try to capture your application;s features in your application name. Instead thing of a single best benefit your future user would benefit and try to name that one.

What to consider when choosing the appropriate name for your application?

  • The domain name is available
  • The Twitter name is available
  • There is no similarly named application in the App Store
  • It is short and is thus easy to type into a phone
  • It is easy to say in one pass over the phone and in person
  • It is directly related to the function of the app
  • It is catchy and memorable in a more general sense

In short note  the name of your application should be novel and memorable, while at the same time it should have good ‘mouth feel’. The name of your application should roll off the tip of your tongue, and and leave an impression on those who hear it. When you consider the names of many popular applications such as Flipboard or Instagram, it is easy to see that both of these factors were taken into consideration.

We will be sharing many more tips for choosing the name that will blast your application’s launching campaigns. Meanwhile we would love to hear another examples and tips you’ve used to select you application’s name.