Mobile App Developer

How to become a Mobile Application Developer?

The exponential growth in mobile applications has created unprecedented opportunities for app developers. There are 8.7 million mobile app developers globally with Asia as the region with the highest concentration. The mobile app development market is currently dominated by iOS and Android developers. The career prospects for mobile application developers are immense as the evolution of mobile apps is taking place with the adoption of technologies such as Internet of Things, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Bots etc. To become a successful Mobile Application Developer you have to consider the following:


To become a proficient mobile application developer, it would be wise for you to have a computer science related degree. Although an education background in computer science is not a precursor for becoming an app developer but it aids in developing expertise as a mobile app developer.


As such there is no industry standard certification course for mobile application development.  There are various certification courses for learning a programming language such as Sun Certified Mobile Application Developer (SCMAD) for the Java 2 Platform. There are various online as well as offline certification course to learn to code for iOS as well as Android platform.


The best way to become a mobile application developer is to learn by execution. You may start writing your own app and build your own app portfolio only if you practice it yourself. Employers are more interested in learning about the apps you have developed rather than your education background after an experience level. There are many tools which can assist you to develop, test and distribute apps such as Apple’s iOS Developer Program. The Intel AppUp helps developers create and sell their apps.


The programming languages which a mobile application developer use for app development are object-oriented programming languages: Java, C++ and web development languages such as HTML, HTML 5. A mobile app developer should also have sound knowledge of creating a user interface for the app. The app developer should have the ability to visualize various design elements. The app developer should also be well versed with database management, memory allocation, security, and hardware interaction.

Business Knowledge

A mobile application developer should have an understanding of the industry for which the app is developed. This knowledge helps in the designing app which addresses the most common business challenges in the simplest ways. The mobile app developer will be able to better visualize the features which are required for the keeping in mind the business aspects.


Mobile app development has become a lucrative career as it is not only challenging but rewarding as well. As we are moving towards a smart and connected world, there will be a huge demand for mobile application developers who can take leverage of the latest technologies.

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