IoT and Education

How IoT is Reshaping Our Children’s Learning Experience

We are living in this period of time where we are harnessing and exploring the true potential of technology. With the enhancement in technology and it has been relatively influencing the basic fabric of our everyday lives. So far we have known the Internet to connect people where we can share information, photographs and videos but now the term Internet has extended its boundaries to connecting physical objects as well.

The IoT (Internet of Things) development process where you can connect the physical objects using the internet network other than smartphones and computers. Here the ‘things’ can generally be referred to a unique resource or an IP address. These connected objects are capable of send and receive information and can also store the real-time data using the sensors that will help to track the information from and around the surroundings.

The smart technology IoT has already impacted various fields such as healthcare, home automation and customer service. But not limited to this the IoT technology solution has also influenced the education sector.

Till now the educational technology has made its presence through virtual conferencing, online tutorials. Now the IoT development has deeply rooted itself into our schools, and e-learning has become a common practice nowadays. The rise of mobile technology and the implementation of IoT solutions allow schools to improve the safety of their campuses, keep track of the key assets and enhance the flow of information.

From various research, it’s been predicted that there will be nearly 21 billion connected things all over the world by the year 2020.

IoT brings a lot more value to the physical teaching environment and structured learning. Schools have now adopted highly personalized learning methods. With Wi-Fi facility, we can just send receive data and instructions, but with the introduction of IoT we can create more than just transfer of data we can just track and maintain lesson plans, can maintain the student record and many more.

Now, let’s have a deeper look into the applications of IoT in the education sector.

Interactive Learning

Learning is now not anything with textbooks and images. Now textbooks are paired up with web-based sites that comprise of study materials, videos, assessments, animations and more interactive experiences through IoT software. This helps the student to think broader and they get to learn new things with better understanding. This also brings some real-world issues in front of the teachers and students and also helps to find some better solutions for it.


This smart technology has made a number of things possible like smart digitised id cards and wristbands have enabled to track student activity, staff and outside visitors. Some IoT devices can also help to track the locations and certain area on the campus and access all the information around and create alerts whenever there is any necessary. Not only campus safety, tracking of bus routes by a GPS-based bus system that ensures the safety of students and teachers.

Connecting Learners Worldwide

Digital Highlighters and boards are the latest devices related to IoT for the education industry. This improvises the learning experience by receiving and acknowledging information. The digital scanners is another amazing software that helps the digital transfer of text to smartphones. With this device, students sitting in their classrooms can interact with educators and mentors from different places.

Mobile-based educational apps

Mobile apps are everywhere now. The educational apps improvising IoT as a tool and are transforming the way in teaching takes place. This helps to create 3D graphics textbooks and videos that keep students interested and they can access this everywhere.

Increasing Efficiency

Managing the day to day activity in schools and university is difficult. Streamlining these operations of schools using IoT helps to focus more on the smart teaching solution and will reduce the traditional efforts like detecting the presence of the student in the school and can eliminate the system of attendance manually or submitting any official details in the office or any other time-consuming activity. IoT can also help reduce energy costs for schools by closely monitoring the energy usage.


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