How Chat Bots helps in increasing the revenue of your business ?

How Chat Bots helps in increasing the revenue of your business ?

What are ChatBots?

ChatBots are Artificial Intelligence which conducts conversations with human beings. The Digital market has seen a drastic change from conventional mobile app development to AI driven ChatBots.

In recent years, ChatBots helps small businesses in improving their operations and the way of connecting with customers helping them in boosting up their sales.

Why ChatBots are important for your business?

ChatBots can drive more sales to business, Below are 5 points which will prove the written lines are correct.

  1. ChatBots are mobile ready and immediately available for all.
  2. Provides higher user engagement.
  3. Using messaging apps to get more advantage.
  4. Least cost and Maximum returns.

Recent State of ChatBots Market:-

In the coming years, ChatBots are going to adopt the technology. Many have already started implementing all the new trends of ChatBot services in their business flow to increase their sales.

2017 was the most successful year for ChatBots, As many of small scale and large scale industries started using Bots in their business. It’s 2019 let’s see how the ChatBot Platforms will help the business owners in improving their revenue flow.

Let’s see some of the trending features of ChatBots:-

ChatBots are becoming more human-like:-

ChatBots have already started invading many business sectors. Do you know now one can book a Uber ride from the Facebook messenger app, How exciting no???

According to stats, a majority of the population still thinks that it’s better to talk to a sales rep rather than a ChatBot. As the Bots won’t be able to answer all their questions.S

“Some stats say that 40% of people say that they chat with Bots on a daily basis.”

This is simply that most are still unable to get the true value of technology.

ChatBots in Business:-

The business of each and every size nowadays are implementing ChatBots for boosting up customer services.

2017 was known as “the year of ChatBots” and it is still helping many businesses to grow their revenue with the help of these technologies.

Nowadays, many retailers are creating voice-assisted bots which will help them in checking orders, making purchases and will ultimately help them in delivering good products and services.

Efficient AI-driven ChatBots:-

AI-powered chatbots are now capable of delivering a personalized experience to clients and customers. The AI-driven ChatBots helps many businesses in making payments to the customer, check balances and many others.

Many insurance companies have already adopted the AI-driven ChatBot Services.

A steady adaptation of ChatBots:-

Since the big dogs are already adopting the ChatBot technology to boost up their business. Currently, more than 36% of the total technology market have started adopting all the new trends of ChatBots.

It is believed that within some years the whole of the technology market will be enjoying the benefits of ChatBots.

Rise of Conversational Bots:-

Many popular industries have already started working on conversational marketing, which is helping many small scale industries from getting rid of many frustrating things.

Companies have started working on personalized user-experience by leveraging conversational websites.

Efficient Customer Insights:-

AI helps in automating the process of data collection and does proper analysis to get proper results for the asked queries.

ChatBots just gives the answers to the questions and also needs a proper marketing team to analyze which can focus on the required improvement. In advance, there are many advanced ChatBots which are advanced and do self-learning for answering the questions.

A sudden and powerful rise in messaging apps:-

Due to more use of messaging apps, these apps builts a long-lasting relationship with their already targeted audiences for getting better conversions.

The ChatBots are entering into the messaging streams and help in giving one-to-one reply for making better customer service.

According to current stats, 85% of user prefer ChatBots to get the answers to their questions rather than visiting the website.

Integration of Voice experience:-

The business tycoon Google has already started making voice-activated assistance available on all the Android-Powered devices like Smartphones, Smart TVs as well as on Smart Wearables.

Many small industries are getting help from other large scale industries in developing their own voice-based ChatBots.

Call Centers with automated AI-driven technology:-

The automated call centers will be having a piece of deep domain knowledge and this will help to have a conversation with more customers.

The ChatBots present in the automated Call centers give answers to the questions of people 24*7.

Some of the best AI ChatBot Apps of 2019:-

  • Chatfuel:- Helpful for Facebook messenger.
  • HubSpot ChatBot Builder:- Best FlowChart-Style Setup.
  • Sequel:- Used for multiple platforms.
  • Pandorabots:- It is very helpful for all the developers.
  • ManyChat:- It is popular with bot enthusiasts for its fast and simple Facebook Messenger bots.
  • Botsify:- It is one of the popular Hybrid Bot, Helpful for both Bots and Human.
  • SAP:-  Helpful for Enterprise Users.


Future of ChatBots:-

As we all know many key players have already announced the use of ChatBots in their business.

Many other popular businesses have also started using ChatBot trends in their business which will help them in getting more business.

A few years ago it was just unimaginable for many startups to have their own custom app. These days, your average customer expects to have a mobile app as a part of their customer services.

Let’s see how ChatBots are transforming digital marketing:-

  • Getting insights directly from users.
  • Increasing the brand popularity.
  • Getting more engagements than clicks.
  • Increasing the opportunities for more personalization.

So, the increasing demand for ChatBots helps many businesses increasing their workforce as well as sales.

Hence, many businesses irrespective of their size nowadays are trying to adopt all the features of ChatBots in their business.


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