Artificial Intelligence is Reshaping the Industries with IoT

How Artificial Intelligence is Reshaping the Industries with IoT?

Envision of Smart Future! A day in the future where the machine is not simply dumb devices but a wonderful boon to humankind by Science. Nowadays every device is enabled with IoT from home appliances to vehicles to smart offices.

This future is no more imagination but a lifelike consequence of the two dynamic and effective technology AI and IoT. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) 

The ability of a digital computer or robot-controlled computer to work with intelligent beings is referred to as artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence solutions are frequently applied to the project of system development endowed with the cerebral process of human features such as the ability to learn, reasoning, and many more.

Internet Of Things (IoT)

When we empower machines and non-computing devices to connect with the internet and in results, they generate useful data with the help of sensors and techniques here Internet of Things takes place.
The Internet is a wonderful gift to humans that is giving us all sorts of benefits available. IoT is all increasing the power of the internet beyond computers and smart devices.

According to a survey, there will be more than 64 billion IoT devices by 2025. All this device generates a great amount of data which is very useful and needs mining. This is the step where Artificial Intelligence comes to motion.
IoT is used to collect data, handle and this huge amount of data requires the algorithm of Artificial Intelligence. Then these algorithms convert the data to useful actionable results so it can be used by the IoT devices.

Role of Artificial Intelligence in IoT

While both the superpowers have their own values but their best potential can only be realized when they are presented together.
Some important roles of AI in IoT are:-

Collaborative Robots

Ever thought how it would be taking the help of a robot for your day to day activities? Well, that’s exactly when cobots come to work. These are robots that are specifically designed to help humans in their workspace and complete the task more efficiently.


These are aircraft without pilots or human pilots. Their pilots are software that is extremely useful to navigate surroundings that are beyond the reach of the internet.

Smart Cities

Talking of IoT, how can we forget Smart Cities? These are great examples of AI integrated with IoT. By connecting numbers of network sensors with real city infrastructure, these sensors are used to monitor air pollution, water pollution traffics, etc.

Smart Retailing

The joint hands of AI and IoT have made our favorite shopping very easy and smart. It is used by the retailer to understand the behavior and demand of the customer and work accordingly.

Few Real World Examples of Artificial Intelligence in IoT

Whenever AI and IoT come together they have given birth to revolutionary technology.
Here are a few examples:-

Tesla Motor Self Driven Car

Self-care may sound like a futuristic approach but it’s the talks of today. With the integration of AI in IoT, we can now experience a self-driven car by TESLA. A surprising feature of the Tesla self-driving cars is that all the cars act as a connected network.

Whenever one car learns some new information, it is passed on to all the other cars. And then it is used to predict the behavior of cars and pedestrians on the road for various circumstances.

WildTrack Endangered Species Preservation

There are many species that are in danger of going extinct in various countries. Also, the old and traditional methods of tracking these animals with collars were stressful and dangerous for both the animals and researchers.

So this new creation of AI and IoT – WildTracks footprint identification technique (FIT) uses IoT and AI algorithms to identify these kinds of species, individual, age and gender of an animal from its unique footprint.
Then this data can be used to recognize patterns of endangered species relating to their movements, species population, etc. that help in preserving various endangered species.

Nest Labs Smart Thermostat

Everything is becoming smart these days then why leave the thermostat. These thermostat introduced by Nest Labs use IoT to allow temperature checking and controls from anywhere in the world anytime just using smartphone integration.
It is also very simple to use, which is one of the main reasons for its success.

Artificial Intelligence development plays a revolutionary role in the Nest Labs thermostat. It is used to understand the temperature and preferences of the users and also their daily activities. Then it adapts accordingly for optimal temperature and also the maximum energy savings option is given.

Automated Vacuum Cleaner iRobot Roomba

iRobot Roomba is the Smart Vacuum developed by three members of MIT’s Artificial Intelligence Lab and it uses IoT and AI to clean the room as perfectly as possible. It is a robotic vacuum cleaner that uses a set of sensors to detect obstacles, dirty spots on the floor or even steep drops such as stairs and cleans them to shine.
A smartphone app can also be used to adjust the performance requirements with “Clean” mode, “Spot” mode, “Dock” mode, etc.

Smart Homes

This is perhaps one of the most popular examples of IoT application development. To provide you optimum security and convenience, smart homes ensure that you come back to a paradise. Imagine controlling your home from a remote, it already sounds luxurious. 

Smart Agriculture

The IoT can help farmers and food agencies to collect and analyze important data and get preferable results. The Internet of Things enabled agricultural systems to notice and understand weather conditions, nutrients, soil moisture levels, and fertility rate and this could be proven substantial in taking decisions in terms of production.

IoT in Healthcare

The Internet of Things and AI, when combined with Healthcare, will result in great quality services and advancement of technology. The services will provide great advantages to the providers of health and the people using all these health services. IoT and AI in Healthcare is an example of advancement which is expanding with fitness gears such as wearables, data analysis tools, and clinical equipment more.


This is an absolutely exciting new era to live in (both for humans and machines!). With multiple advancements in technology artificial intelligence development, and analytics, IoT development services are even more convenient and high-performance IoT devices are taking over almost every domain of Science.
Together, Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things are processing towards a new era where “smart” is just the normal state of being and the robotic utopia in the future appears more and more attainable in the present.

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