Remote Working During COVID-19

How are we Practicing Remote Working during COVID-19 to Remain Fit & Productive

The epidemic of coronavirus (COVID-19) has been officially identified as a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO), suggesting infection is accelerating at the same time in several countries.

With travel bans, lockdowns, and imposed quarantines, schools, universities, and offices are being closed, and the government passed the rule to avoid large gatherings of people.

As questions about COVID-19 have increased over the last few weeks, more businesses have been allowing workers to work from home.

The government has forced companies to shut down and people to quarantine themselves, there has also been that fear that profits and income will go down — with executives and managers scrambling madly to put together contingency plans.

Some of us have experienced remote work before, it is definitely something you are adapting to right now. And maybe customers or clients feel totally out of your element, but we want you to know we’re here to help you in every way we can.

And even after the coronavirus pandemic slows down, there will be opportunities and needs to reimagine business and operating models and also the portfolio of offerings. Some new patterns which have emerged during the crisis are likely to become new norms are the need to hire remote staff and to work from home.

How Mobiloitte can Help Businesses During COVID-19 Crisis

Work from home can seem like an easy way to work, but it can be difficult sometimes to make it effective. We also had organizational guidelines for the remote working set in place as an IT outsourcing service.

That has helped us to build a new working atmosphere for all of our departments that operate.

We use interactive, highly encrypted communication tools and channels remotely that help build an in-office atmosphere in the comfort of a home.

Mobiloitte has put all the necessary steps into place to keep our employees safe while allowing them to be as successful as ever. Here are several steps that we have taken towards implementing ourselves:-

Configuration of devices of employees for optimizing the protection of confidential business data:

We have designed the personal computing devices of all our employees working at home to ensure that they are secure against all cybersecurity threats.

Although there is not anything we could do about the COVID-19 virus apart from social distancing, our specialist IT infrastructure and support team has done everything they could to protect our team and partners against the viruses that threaten their computer systems and the important data stored within them.

Ensuring timely deliverables

It is important to keep a track of project schedules in our remote working environment to ensure timely deliverability.

To this end, we use a range of software tools to guarantee timely delivery.


For Project Management

Basecamp:- It is a popular software suite for team collaboration on projects and some activities for Project Management. Both development & marketing departments use Basecamp for task management.


For Seamless Communication

Microsoft Skype:- We use skype and via skype messenger, video and voice call to establish seamless communication across all of our teams. An effective networking tool for our internal teams and our interactions with clients.

Google Hangouts:- We use Hangouts to incorporate the Virtual Rooms idea when practicing social distance, where teams can remotely interact without losing the office premises atmosphere.


For Time Management

Hubstaff:- With Hubstaff, the time spent on each project is not just trackable. We can also use this program to quickly bill and issue payments via electronic timesheets, employee scheduling, screen recording, employee reporting, payroll program, GPS tracking, electronic invoicing, and project budgeting, and much more.

Why Does Mobiloitte Help Clients During the Outbreak?

Our primary goal is to ensure the health of our consumers, staff, and stakeholders during this epidemic, and we are closely observing advice and enforcing World Health Organization guidelines.
As we have been doing for decades, we serve customers every day and will serve them during this difficult time.

We remain responsive to our customer’s needs

We are ready on a 24×7 basis to work with our customers and partners to meet their service requests and support requirements. Mobiloitte’s remote and virtual service capabilities will ensure we remain able to provide services and support.

Report & Update on Projects to Customers

We need to implement procedures that allow them to ascertain whether the remote workers are getting the job done: mandatory group meetings, team collaboration with all these things daily/weekly/monthly reports should be provided to clients.


Social interaction is an important part of motivation and increases productivity. Interact with clients to motivate & encourage them to fight out from this critical situation.

Wrapping Up

In difficult times we work as a team to counter this pandemic crisis. To ensure our operations run smoothly, we work daily with our internal teams to ensure business performance at all levels.

Together we can fight this pandemic with our teams at commitment at the earliest possible time to help companies through tough times.