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10 Hidden Tricks You Had No Idea Google Can Conjure

Last year it was announced that the term Google is being searched more times on search engines than Jesus, Buddha and Muhammad combined together. If Google becomes the new religion being used by people to find answer to essential questions, what all Google can be used for? What is the limit of usability of Google (when it comes to information)? Do you think your imagination is wide enough. Let’s check it out these hidden Google tricks:

Use Google as terminal

Let’s start with the techie one. This hidden Google trick is the beloved one for our network administrator who gets attached to his second love, the terminal screen. Why going anywhere else? Just initiate Google like terminal. Do the following:

  • To try Google as command prompt terminal, just go to and type Google Terminal.
  • After that, Press I am feeling lucky button to see the Google trick.hidden google tricks

Google Hacker

Hackers or those who intend to become soon probably know about the hacker’s community language. Hackers use the so called leet language, which is an alternative alphabet for English language. For example, they write shopping as $h0pp1n9. Pretty cool if you ask me.

Leet language is a trend in hacker’s community. If you want to use Google’s leet version then do the following:

  • First, go to and type Google hacker.
  • Now press I am feeling lucky button to start using Google in leet language.

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hidden google tricks

Where was a picture taken?

If you are a travel freak like me then you will have an instant crash into this one wondering how you have never heard of it before. Many times I want to know where a certain image I ran into has been taken from. Well, sometimes the EXIF data embedded in an image file can help you determine the location but there’s another alternative that is more likely to work.

Google offers Similar Image search to help discover images that are visually similar to your source image. The same feature of Google Images can sometimes help you uncover the location of a photograph as well. Here’s how – Go to and drag  any image – either from your desktop or another web page – to the search box (see video for a quick demo). If that photograph is of some popular destination, Google will mention the possible location of that image above the search results (see screenshot). In all other cases, you will at least know the original source of that image and that could offer enough hints for you to guess the actual location on your own.

Internet Explorer may not support drag and drop but in that case, you can click the “camera icon” in the Google search box to manually upload a picture to Google Images for analysis.


Draw a graph

Prepare beautiful graphs for you math homework. Google can help you with that one as well. Just type the equation, press search and voila.

hidden google tricks

Tip Calculator

There are many reasons why you would need a tip calculator. Some of us are not good at math (at all), some of the geniuses do not want to lose time on calculating. Well in case there are still some among you who do not have a tip calculator app in your smarthone, Google will be happy to help –

All you need to do is to type “tip calculator” in the search box and input the necessary data

hidden google tricks

Celebration days

You are interested to visit the wild festival of colors (holi) in India but you don’t yet know which date it comes under? Nothing complicated. Just type holi in the search field and you will get the exact date of celebration of Holi in India

hidden google tricks

Chemical Compounds in 3D

Here is another great hidden Google trick for students. Whenever you insert the formula of a certain compound you get the option of graphical representation of the chemical structure of that compound in 3D preview. The button is located on the top of the image results snapshot on the top right part of the screen after you initiate the Google Search. Press on it and get the interactive 3D representation.

hidden google tricks

Discover Competitors 

Here is a nice Google hidden trick for market researchers and market research analysts or for anyone who wished to identify 2 items for comparisons. If you wish to find the top most competitor of a certain brand just start typing the name of the first name vs. .. for example Adidas vs. – Discover alternative products or find what to compare-to using Google auto-suggest.

hidden google tricks

Compare related items

Talking about doing comparison on Google, the fitness enthusiasts and every weight control freak would love this feature. Google also enables you to compare food or their nutritional values. Time do dive in. In this example all you need to do is to type “apple vs. pear”

hidden google tricks

Real time updates on your favorite shows

Google Now’s moto – spend less time digging and more time living is at its best with this feature. TV Show Schedule & Reminders shows the list of recent episodes with air-dates and provides an option to set reminders for new episodes on Google Now. You are never too old or too young to utilize this feature. Try it right now.

hidden google tricks

Don’t let it stop here. We are sure that you have few more hidden Google tricks you would like to share with us.. Share them in comment.