FaceTime and Google's Duo App

Hands on with Apple’s FaceTime and Google’s Duo App

FaceTime is Apple’s face-to-face video calling service. Indeed, it plays an essential role in the business meeting and one of the best business resource. In the meanwhile, there are a couple of applications that are comprehensively based on video telephony, most popular applications are: Apple’s FaceTime and Google’s Duo App.

Apple’s FaceTime: – Even if you have Apple products and want to make video calls from your Mac to Mac – or to an iPod, iPhone or iPad devices. You just have to sign-in by Apple’s ID nothing else. But Apple’s Facetime is applicable only for Apple’s product.

Google’s Duo App: – In the pitch of video calling, Google has also launched a communication Application for their valued customers. It supports both the platforms that are Android and iOS. Otherwise, both apps have similar features.

How FaceTime App is Benign for Organizations?


How FaceTime is beneficial for any kind of business? With the help of FaceTime feature, your business or organization can save their travelling time and expense as well. Besides, you can conveniently interact with your valued clients or customers. It’s really great for business, if you want to supervise your employees over a disparate areas, so via iOS, Windows and Android products you can connect with them. Couple of years back, organizations are used to face a number of challenges such as:

– Spend too much time in travelling
– Maximize company cost
– Reduce business productivity, etc.

Nowadays, most of the companies are preferring own FaceTime Apps due to security purpose. Our FaceTime Applications are designed with advanced security technologies and organizations can get end-to-end control of application – it is an integrated and more productive. How you can build Native or Cross-Platform Mobile Application for video calling? We have years of experience in the development of mobile apps. So, therefore anyone can rely on Mobiloitte experience – let’s connect.