Halosys Technologies becomes Mobiloitte

Halosys Technologies Has Now Become Mobiloitte. What Can You Expect From Us?

Greetings of the day!

Today, on the day probably most important in the history of our company we are pleased to announce this message to you, spoken with that same immense affection for you as if we were able to cross your verge and speak to you personally.

Halosys Technologies is now becoming Mobiloitte!

It is the future, the day after today that has shown us a world more united than ever, a vision wide enough to encompass anyone willing to connect share and accept a cause, showing us our true call. It is our new philosophy and a milestone in our story which has been as formidable as having you being such a colossal part of our progress.

Experience from glorious years now consolidated!

Mobiloitte is born out of experience and trend shining brighter than the Sun, impregnated in a world of mobility and information shared through smaller and smaller devices, applications and tools that not only deliver data but built sociability and deliver emotions in a meaningful way.

That world is right here right now and people massively enter it soaking its new ways to connect to their cause.

A world connected by smartphones! 

Mobiloitte is here to take a bold stand and make a statement. The world of tomorrow is a world of prosumers united under the wings of mobile technologies and knowledge dissemination through portability simplicity and style. It is a reality that must not be taken as a threat, but one that opens new opportunities to touch the people we care for in a way never seen before. Here is where Mobiloitte’s unique vision lies in developing meaningful Enterprise Mobility solutions that will show you how to share not only products and offers but also emotions on the move, anywhere and anytime in a way that feels almost human.

Unshakable founds and strong portfolio to help us ride the wave!

The strength of Mobiloitte will lie in its existing end to end to solution portfolio and broadened solutions scopes including Mobile Device Management just to mention one. Our vision further expands into delivering socially integrated mobile solutions. The goal is ambitious and yet so simple – Capture an exciting future into emerging technologies giving you the chance to retell your story and reinvent yourself.

We just did, and we are ready to chart the uncharted territories.

Our Lighthouse was and will remain You!

Mobiloitte hopes to have you on board with us for this promising adventure.

Sincerely yours,


The Mobiloitte team