Hack4good arrives in New Delhi – Let’s Welcome and Join World’s Biggest Hackathon Ever

Hackers are back in town – This time in New Delhi. They want to change the world – And they surely mean it!

Mobiloitte wishes to welcome Hack4good, an initiative of Geeklist world’s largest online networks of software developers, digital entrepreneurs, hackers and everyone else who doesn’t wear glasses but still finds satisfaction in shaping digital universes from sunset ’till dawn. They are restless, they know no authority, night is their shelter and code is their language. They know one thing only – changing the world through technology and uniting everyone that feels the same way.

They surely succeed. A community building  initiative coming all the way from the Silicon Valley and spreading like a virus all over the world has quickly found a shade in the scorching Delhi, calling for its digital freaks to join the cause and generate a Delhi based community of developers and IT enthusiasts who will come out with life changing idea powered by technology. It is a unique hackathon that focuses solely on uniting the world’s greatest expert engineers, designers, product builders and entrepreneurs to help make the world a better place. Front-end developers, designers, growth hackers, mobile developers and many more will find their place under the (moon) and work together to share knowledge and build something that will challenge  dogmas and change people’s life. This overnight event is expected to last 48 hours. The format includes a meetup and sessions on the API’s and tools available for use.

To present you the potential and the power of this community building initiative we invite you to have a look at the winning project from the last hackathon below:


Concept: “Good Neighbor allows communities in small neighborhoods to post requests for needs, services, giveaways, and notifications to make everyone aware of what’s going on in the area they live in and encourages neighbors to help each other out.  Good Neighbor was also designed to be used on a large scale to streamline the process of emergency relief efforts of organizations such as The American Red cross, to make their support to communities in need, faster and more efficient.”

— Jason Liu

Other ideas that came out of the last hackathon are neither negligible including Colors, an interactive game dedicated to early language learners and children with autism, TechSoupToGo that helps nonprofit help another nonprofit. These are some of the most outstanding life concepts that gain birth through this community and immediately found their place  in the service of various stakeholders and various groups.

That is why we love it and that is why we stand for it. Mobiloitte is now Hack4Good’s official  ambassador  in New Delhi and we intend to enlarge the community by sending selected members from our development team to enrich the community and enhance knowledge dissemination. We would like to see you as well especially if you share the community vision of sharing coding and making a difference through technology.

Note the following details:

  • Time: Friday, October 4, 2013 at 6:30 PM – Sunday, October 6, 2013 at 6:30 PM
  • Venue: New Okhla Industrial Development Area, UP 201301
  • Application available – Yes, click here
  • Organiser: Geeklist is a vibrant platform for geeks to discover, connect and share the great work they have done and who they did it with,  a place to get credit where credit is due

In case you wonder what all these cool people do during hack4good, have a look at the following video. We shall await you at Hack4Good New Delhi. Drink’s on us!