Offshore Development Center

Guidelines That Startup Company Should Examine When Choosing an ODC Partner

In today’s world where costs are always rising, startup companies as well as established companies are looking for better avenues in terms of reducing costs when it comes to securing a good partner for app development. CMS management, web app development and other such IT factors which need high-quality and optimized design.

This is where you can leverage the power of offshore outsourcing which currently plays a key strategic role in any company’s operating model. Offshore vendors are now progressing well and understanding the IT industry’s value chain to build better relationships with their probable partners.

What is an ODC?

An ODC is called an Offshore Development Center which you can set up in a country where programmers and developers are hand-picked and offer their skill set and expertise at a fraction of the cost you would incur if you plan to go the in-house IT team way.

Normally, this team delivers results faster and more efficient manner since they control the infrastructure and security of their center according to their country’s specifications which normally is top-notch.

An ODC helps you develop mobile apps, web apps, CMS configuration and migration, feasibility studies, backend checks and much more.

The ultimate goal for setting up an ODC should be to have a seamless extension of your company’s IT department at a remote location to get results at a lower cost.

However, before investing into an ODC, you should make a few checks before signing an agreement. After all this is a huge step in the development process of your company and its corporate branding.

Here are some checks you should ensure:

Development Strategy

  • Does the ODC vendor understand your company’s business goals and long-term objectives?
  • Is there a clear understanding of your company’s senior management about the objectives of the ODC?
  • Does the ODC have the short-term and long-term objectives of the partnership clear?


  • Are the proper developmental processes in place to manage the ODC’s operations effectively?
  • What safeguards does the ODC have in order to ensure the continuity of the project?
  • Is there a process in the ODC for staff transition planning? How is their staff motivated for quality work?
  • How does the ODC recruit its IT professionals?

Flexibility and Customization

  • Is it possible to interview and select a probable ODC Project Manager and a team for your project?
  • Is it possible to alter or review the team during the ongoing project?
  • What level of scalability does the ODC offer?
  • Can the ODC workspace be adjusted according to the size of your project?
  • Does the ODC allow co-branding?


  • Is the vendor good at transnational communication?
  • Does the entire ODC team have good English proficiency for communication?
  • What type of communication method do they use? (Skype video chat or conference call, email feedback, constant status reports or proprietary messaging tools for one-to-one communication)
  • How frequently does the ODC submit you with a project report?

IP Protection

  • What security measures are there at the ODC for protection of servers and critical data? Do they have CCTV cameras or not?
  • Does their security system go through regular audits?
  • Does the company’s objectives and infrastructure conform to CMMI Level 5 and\or ISO 27001 procedures?

Systems & Processes

  • Does the ODC have adequate systems and processes with them for on-budget or on-time deliverables?
  • What kind of TQM tools do they use?
  • Do their QAs conform to your company’s corporate goals?

To summarize, an ODC is one of your strongest allies when it comes to selecting a strategic partner. Building a familiar relationship with them for a long term is essential and for this strong communication and two-way interchange is necessary apart from regular feedback acceptance, making changes in the development model and sending deliverables on time.

An ODC will not only be cost-effective for your company’s future goals and sales targets, it will also ensure you with a long lasting strategic partnership that will boost your company’s profitability and branding.