Guide: How to acquire Mobile App users

The most critical factor in the success of a mobile app is the users. A higher number of users indicate a wider adoption and liking for the app. Even after you seek seasoned iOS or hire google android application developers, your app may fail to gain traction due to a lack of user acquisition strategy. Have you ever noticed the reasons and motivation behind you installing any app on your device? You might have heard about the app from a friend, learned about the app from social media or received an email about the app. Whatever may be your motivation to download an app, there is always a well-crafted app user acquisition strategy in place. Here is guide to acquiring mobile app users

App Store optimization

Whenever someone searches for an app, he/she must be able to find your app easily. The visitors on your app page should be impressed by the icons, description and images as such that they download the app. You should use the right keywords in the title as well the description of the app for app store search optimization of your app.

Website visitors

A good acquisition strategy is to redirect your website visitors to your mobile app download page. Taking the leverage of your website visitors will help you increase your mobile app user base. If you have a good website with higher search rankings then naturally your app user base will increase if you link your website to your app.

Video Ads

A 30 sec video ad will increase the reach of your mobile app significantly. Video ads have a high conversion rate as you can use social media to distribute your video ads to a large target audience. A video ad will give a snapshot of what your mobile app offers to the users and drive downloads.

Email campaign

Email marketing has still not lost its effectiveness in getting desired outcomes for the marketers. A deeply linked email which lands an email recipient directly to your app page will drive more installs for your app. Before blasting emails to a list, you must ensure you are following the best email marketing practices.

 In- app marketing

Another good user acquisition strategy would be to encourage your existing users to share about your app on their social networks. You can provide your existing user’s incentives to share information about your app in their circles. The social networks such as twitter, Facebook, Google Plus can increase the reach of your app considerably.


These users’ acquisition strategies will help you in increasing your app’s visibility as well as the user base. The most important consideration would be to keep testing your app’s user acquisition strategy. The best strategy that works for you entirely depends on your target audience.

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