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Google Initiates limited Testing for its Game Changer Instant Apps


Instant Apps which was introduced last year at Google I/O conference built up a lot of anticipation among tech enthusiasts. Instant Apps is now available for limited testing with apps from Buzzfeed, Wish, Periscope, and Viki. The testing will emphasize on collecting user feedback and integrating it into the product.

Instant Apps cut down the need to download the app on a device rather it allows to tap a URL and access a specific functionality of the app.  For instance, a friend of yours shares with you the page URL of a cool jacket which he came across on a mobile app. If the mobile app has Instant apps functionality then it will allow you to purchase the jacket by opening the URL and making payment without the need to download the entire mobile app. Instant apps will bring about revolutionary changes for both app developers and users.

For a mobile app to take leverage of instant app functionality it must be updated and the apps must be modularized so that a part of the app can be downloaded and run independently. The same Android API’s and Android Studio project will be used. The full SDK for Instant apps will be available in near future.

The developers are excited to implement the functionality of Instant Apps but they will have to wait till the testing phase gets over and the product iterations are complete. To take leverage of Instant app functionality, the developers need to prepare their app beforehand by trimming it down for modular on-the-fly installation and complying with some Android 6.0 permissions.

Instant apps will also work as a preview of a mobile app. Although smartphone & tablet users still have to wait before getting hands on Instant app functionality. The users will save a lot of time while using Instant apps as there will be no requirement for downloading the app. Through Instant apps, the users can perform different functions in just a few clicks.

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