Google’s Android 11 Public Beta Update is Officially Out Now!

Google’s Android 11 Public Beta Update is Officially Out Now!

Google finally launches the public beta of Android 11, after repeated delays. The company would normally leave its biggest announcements for Google I/O, but with coronavirus canceling that event, and the update has been released without much hype.

That doesn’t mean the update isn’t a big one though – there are many useful new features.

Main Features of Android 11 Beta Version

The new features, including notification changes, bubble conversations, security enhancements, and more.


This version of android 11 makes it more user-centric and expressive and builds an OS that gives outcomes according to our priorities.

Conversation Alerts

This appears at the top of the shade in a dedicated section with different behavior such as opening the conversation as a bubble, creating a home screen conversation shortcut, or setting a reminder.


It helps users to keep conversations in view during multitasking and to be accessible. Messaging and chat apps should use the Bubbles API on notifications to allow this in Android 11.

Consolidated keyboard

The suggestions enable autofill applications and the input method, editors (IMEs) to securely offer context-specific entities.
The strings directly in the suggestion strip of an IME, where they are most convenient to users.

Voice Access

Now includes an on-device visual cortex that understands screen content and context and generates labels and access points for accessibility commands for people who control their phone entirely by voice.


The recent release of Android can now help you get connected to all of your smart devices quickly and control them in one space.

Device Controls

This allows users to access and control their connected devices more quickly and easily than ever before. Now, they can immediately, pull up system controls in one position by simply pressing the power button for a long time. Apps can use a new API to show up in the controls.

Media Controls

It allows users to move the output device to their audio or video content easily and conveniently, whether they be headphones, speakers, or even their TVs.
You can allow this from Developer Options today, and it will be on by default in a Beta update to come.


In this version, users have been given more access over sensitive permissions and working to keep devices more secure through quicker updates.

One-Time Permission

It allows users to give the device microphone, camera, or location access to an app, just that once. The next time the app is used the app can request permissions again.

Auto-Reset Permissions

 If users have not been using an app for an extended period of time, Android 11 will “auto-reset” all the runtime permissions associated with the app, and notify the user. The next time the app is used the app can request permissions again.

Background location

In February, to avoid misuse, they announced developers would need to get permission to access background location in their app.
They are allowing developers more time to make improvements, and will not implement the current device policy until 2021.

Google Play App Updates

 It was released last year, helps us to fast-track updates of core OS components to Android devices.
We’ve more than doubled the number of updatable modules in Android 11, and those 12 new modules will help users and developers improve privacy, security, and consistency.

Developer Friendliness

Android 11 version wants to make it for developers to take advantage of the new release so for making compact testing is easier they have:-

  • Made most breaking changes until you target Android 11.
  • Added new User interface in developer options to let you go through many of these changes for testing. 
  • A new Platform Stability release milestone has been added in which all API and behavior changes will be complete.

Featuring New APIs

There are two important add-ons to the API that come to Android 11. The first is the 5G state API that will allow Android to see if a user is on a 5G network at the moment.

This API would make it so that while on the next-gen, faster network, developers can trigger those experiences that are accessible to the platform.

Another new API is geared towards foldable apps. This allows the API to read data from a hinge-angle sensor so that apps can adjust to the device’s hinge angle.

Wrapping up

There’s so much more we haven’t been able to think about, it has tons of features for developers as well as for users.
Currently, Mobiloitte is following all the technology trends that have been updated by Google. Android’s reliability has generated many benefits for many organizations with a better return on investment and improved reach.


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