Google Fuchsia

Fuchsia – Next Generation Operating system

Google Fuchsia, the much-awaited operating system by Google is finally here to consolidate mobile devices and Chrome OS under a single operating system. 

What is Fuchsia?

  • Fuchsia is the third and most eye-catching operating system. This includes Chrome OS and Android.
  • This completely differs from Chrome OS and Android as it is designed for multiple platforms. 
  • There are many rumors about Fuchsia OS, As Google evolved this as a penultimate OS for a wide range of gadgets such as Tablets, Smart-watches, and many other gadgets.
  • Fuchsia OS will have all the greatest possible to be a market leader as IoT is expected to grow significantly in the future.

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  • Fuchsia is not Linux based, The developers used Zicron Microkernel for this, which means we are going to see a brand new product rather than just an upgraded version of Android or Chrome OS.

There are many mysteries about the look and feel of Fuchsia OS. At this point, we are not able to take a comprehensive look at the Fuchsia, but at least we can give a little bit of idea to satisfy our curiosity.

The Split-screen mode:- 

  • This is something which is new. If you take one app icon and drop it on the top of the other one, a screen will be spilled and the user will be able to use both the apps simultaneously. 
  • In the case of desktop, the user can choose between a vertical and horizontal split. But with Fuchsia’s Ui’s allow you to have up to three apps in the split-screen.

Material Design:- 

  • As mentioned there are two versions of Fuchsia’s UI: desktop (Capybara) and mobile (Armadillo). 
  • Both of them are built according to proper material design rules. We all know material design is Google’s biggest thing.


Google hasn’t revealed any of Fuchsia’s functions. The latest functionality of this OS which is presented to the users is rather limited and includes many placeholders.

Card-Based Interface:- 

  • A unique feature of the Fuchsia design is the way a screen is presented. There won’t be any traditional rows of app icons.
  • There will be a scrolling list of the cards representing the apps. 

Is Android era close to its end?

Is Android era close to its end?


  • Google hasn’t provided any direct explanations about why they started Fuchsia. But if the Fuchsia becomes popular it will be a great boon for many smart devices. 
  • The smart devices with the help of Fuchsia and IoT will conquer the world. 
  • Comparing this with Android we can say only this much that it is going to be a hybrid operating system, which will work effectively on phones and PCs. 
  • But yeah with the introduction of Fuchsia many think it is a direct challenge for Android to do something new. 

Is there any release date of Google Fuchsia OS?

  • Only Google knows when Fuchsia will be released. It is already known that many tech giants are associated with this new project of Google. 
  • Recently Bill Stevenson, A senior developer from Apple joined Google to make the release of Fuchsia more smooth and bit faster.
  • Yet there is no official release date of Fuchsia, We can only hope to see this new OS within the next few years. 


Before Google reveals something about Fuchsia, no one can tell what actually can this OS do. There are currently many rumors about this and some of these rumors are very interesting. Let’s just wait till the release of this and hope we will get something new from Google.


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