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5 Google Chrome Extensions That Make Me Feel Like Zen

I am a hardcore fan of Google Chrome, ready to make gang fights in the forest for it. However that will contradict my hardly earned Zen spirit. Chrome is fast and simple and rich with plugins that make me able do almost anything I want without leaving the browser. That makes me feel cool and geeky. Do you want find out my list of Google Chrome extensions which make the best of my best experience, and improve my productivity? Keep reading…

Tab Wrangler

wranglerFew weeks ago I have attended my first Drupal camp in New Delhi, India. I could not have imagined that this will be the place where I will meet a yankee guy that will introduce me with one of the simplest and still so terribly useful small extension called Tab Wrangler. The person’s name was Jacob Singh who is currently the regional Head of Drupal for India and Tab Wrangler is his own masterpiece.

The purpose of this Chrome extension is to make your surfing life easier and take you out of the mess – I don’t know about you but I regularly find myself opening between 30-50 tabs and websites inside the same Chrome window. At the end of the working day it takes me at least 15 minutes to review and close them all.

Tab Wrangler works in the background and automatically closes the tabs which you don’t visit, say more than 5 minutes, leaving your window easier to manage and navigate. Of course if the program closes some tab which you may require again, you can always click on the extension icon next to the address bar from where a drop-down list will appear with all the tabs being put into inactive mode by Tab Wrangler and the option to restore them again. What to say more, try it and start wondering how you could have lived this torturing web life without it.

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Feedly-IconI became almost murky praising Feedly as one of the coolest extension and replacement for Google Reader leaving me glad that this service got terminated opening the way for something way cooler to come aboard. Do you believe that someone can fall in love with a Chrome extension? It already happened to me.  In case you are not yet knowledgeable what Feedly can do for you, read this.

Pixlr Editor

pixlrGeeky people such as myself would always try to find a way to do things faster ( and cooler ) without even leaving the browser. This is why I Iike Pixlr Editor which is browser based extension to the famous Pixlr website for editing photos online for amateurs and professionals as well. Sometimes all you need to do is simply rotating, cropping or saturating a photo. Why bothering opening websites or even going locally on your system and using Paint (you still leave your browser for such tiny things? This is 21 century you know? ), when you can just click once and the entire web interface of Pixlr Editor immediately opens ready to serve and turn your image magical.


built withI am a big fan of publishing platform and cool websites and very often I ran into cool pieces of web property for which I wonder how they were built (and how did I not manage to come with the same concept myself) Well for the first I am using a very cool Chrome extension of the popular BuiltWith website which enables me to see the entire set of technologies on which a particular website is built with just one click. By everything I mean the framework its build on, the type of libraries that give such good effect and transition of the content, plugins, type of CMS, email and web hosting providers and everything you can think of. Excellent tool to help you benchmark your competitor’s website taking the fact that a corporate website has become the prime lead generation channel for every B2B company and it deserves all the attention it can get.

Power Editor

power editorI cannot complete this list unless I mention Power Editor which may not be of use for all of you unless you are administrators of a Facebook brand page. Power Editor is a super cool alternative of the traditional Facebook Ad Manager. Although Facebook keeps making their Ad manager better and better with new metrics and reporting capabilities, Power Editor still remains more superior alternative, because it offers more options for creating ads, management of campaigns, advanced targeting, custom audience creating etc. Talking about this, check what Mobiloitte can do for for you in this domain

This was my list of favorite Google Chrome extensions. Be cool and share the Google Chrome extensions you are using to make your digital life easier.