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The Freedom of Speech Is At The Verge of a Beautiful Revolution. Get Ready To Meet Ghost!

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Has the world seen too much complexity in the last decade? Do we need to get back to our basics, rest a bit and remind ourselves why we do the things we do? Apparently many people start thinking so and luckily for us the world’s proven and smart leaders share this attitude before it come from entities so far hidden in the fog.

One of them is John O’Nolan, the Deputy head of WordPress, currently the most prominent blogging and Content Management System who is about to give the world something truly disruptive. His initiative is now ready and it will probably change the day of millions of bloggers around the world willing to share their voice and what they truly stand for.

Today we are proud to present you with Ghost – a promising blogging platform that is about to see the light of the day, powered by a simple and still powerful paradigm in the world of online publishing – It is all about blogging.

What only started as an idea inside O’Nolan mind was soon discovered to be a pressing need of thousands of bloggers around the world and that exact need is what the core strength of Ghost will be.” WordPress has become too complex, full with cats and porn, and has deviated from its main purpose which was supposed to be blogging and helping people share ideas and concepts in fast and simplified manner”, says O Nolan about WordPress which is now extensively used for creating various online platforms and complex corporate websites which consequentially turned WordPress’s dashboard into a complicated ecosystem of plugins, themes and widgets.  O Nolan righteously declares that WordPress has lost its main focus, forcing publishers and writers to occupy themselves more technical aspects of the blogging process and sabotaging their own creative process instead of focusing on what they truly care for – writing and disseminating quality and engaging content.

Well, Ghost is about to change that. Once it was presented to the public for the first time through Kickstarter it raised amazing $100.000 just in the first 48 hours which proves that O’Nolan had a point. People seem to be tired of endless clicking through complicated dashboard and plugin management. The new Ghost platform is taking pride in their simple dashboard and new post delivery within just several clicks.

The founders of Ghost certainly do not lack concept and vision. The core principles of Ghost are the following:

1.       Built for users

Ghost will be focused on bloggers and writers with less need of technical knowledge required for running the platform

2.       Built for free

Every theme and plugin available on Ghost will be for free. With the beautiful vision that this platform lies on, I am sure that Ghost will soon attract plethora of passionate young contributors willing to contribute the freedom of speech and the Open Source cause

3.       Built for love, not for profit

As O’Nolah confidently declared – “Ghost is built not for profit but for love. It exists because not because we want to sell but because it needs to exist. “

The team behind Ghost shares a unique position – It is just a blogging platform. Nothing more than that. Ghost intends to contribute the freedom of speech by letting people do the only thing that matters –Write. Now they need our help to disseminate and spread the word. Mobiloitte being an ambassador of every disruptive initiative capable of bringing greater good and myself as a blogger who is also sympathetic to what O’Nolah has said about the current blogging situation strongly support this initiative and invite our community to share it onward or give it a try. You can also follow O’Nolah on his public Twitter profile

What do you think? Will Ghost truly make a difference for the freedom of speech? Can content marketers find it as useful tool to connect with their community and strengthen their brand? Let us know in comments.