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Gearing Up Mobile Game Revenues – Overtaking Console Games in the Year 2015

For past so many years, we have seen children demanding for console games on their birthdays but what is the trend now? Since the beginning of 2015, they have completely forgotten ‘Console Games’ rather it is observed that children/teens who have bought console games have locked them in their play shelves for a profoundly good reason. Yes, the wind of Mobile Era is driving the world crazy with innovation and convenience. Now, the hype has been shifted to ‘Mobile Games’.

The statistics generated by prominent market research firms reveals that there has been a significant increase of $5 billion from 2014.  Smartphones and tablets flaunts additional as well as excellent feature that act compatible for mobile games. Free downloading is enticing users to install more and diversifying game apps. Moreover, the marketing services of game app developers are leaving no stone unturned in engaging their targeted audience.

The distinguishable economies of the world are witnessing firm growth in USA & Europe whereas massive growth in South-East Asian regions i.e. Japan & China. Yes!! The forecast is expecting it to go up to whopping 86%.  Eventually, these Game Developers have got a chance to taste the fruit of their hard-earned success. We all may wonder as to what could be the possible cause behind such high mobile growth rate. Why online PC games, handheld console or even social gaming are witnessing such slow down? Analysts have concluded that this spurt in mobile games is due to the increase in the overall market i.e. increase in use of smart-phones, tablets, mobiles etc. along with increase in use of internet devices could be one of the major reason. Another factor is that innovation has attracted user’s interest and has found it better as well as convenient in comparison to existing games. Also, tablets are considered to be a preferred choice for games as against smartphones.

The game revenue of mobile conglomerate Apple is anticipating $ 4 billion revenue generation from mobile games in 2015. Big brands like Google, Nintendo are also on the same lines and expecting a commendable figure from mobile games.

Candy Crush Saga, Subway Surfers, Clash of Clans etc. is some of the popular mobile games that have generated maximum revenue in term of download. Some say that mobile games complement console games whereas some claim that they have overtaken it, with abundant choice in hands, it is a win-win situation for the customer, isn’t it?