Frameworks and Tools For Developing PWA

Frameworks and Tools For Developing PWA

Just imagine the power of the web and mobile is combined in one place. Why imagine when PWA is already there. 

Before getting into the frameworks and tools of PWA, Let us first know What actually PWA is.

What is PWA? 

PWA (Progressive Web Apps) are the web pages that look like mobile apps, Having similar interactions and navigations. These are the advanced form of responsive web apps with additional features of apps. These allow users to make use of the latest features supported by modern browsers in their mobile responsive website, to give an app-like experience on the mobile web.

In simple words take the example of or From the first look of the site, it feels like you have opened the app, But it’s not the app which you have installed in the smartphone, It’s just the PWA.

Now let’s see the top tools and frameworks used for the development of PWA:- 


This is one of the most popular PWA framework and tool. First introduced in 2009, AngularJS is one of the most popular methods to create PWA development. 

There are many benefits of using AngularJS as one of the framework for PWA, some of them are:-

  • MVC Framework
  • Good support from various communities
  • Presence of Intellisense and Typescript
  • Well-defined method for implementation


Ionic is based on Apache Cordova and Angular framework. Established in 2013, since then it has been part of over 5 million hybrid app development. 

Ionic is ideal for PWA development as it comes with a great library of components for both Android and iOS. 

There are also many benefits of Ionic which makes it a good tool for PWA frameworks:- 

  • Ionic has a large plug-in library for accessing APIs
  • It reduces the cost of development for it’s open-source and is free
  • Easy maintenance with the help of built-in browser instrument


Vue.js is one of the fastest evolving libraries because of the ease in coding and high-speed rendering. 

There are many benefits of Vue.js which makes it one of the most reliable frameworks to build PWA includes:- 

  • Vue.js is a fast rendering with Virtual DOM
  • This is well supported by Laravel and Alibaba
  • Vue.js is very flexible to set up with the help of Typescript and JSX
  • First rendering with Virtual DOM


The polymer is an open-source progressive web app framework developed by an in-house team of Google.

This framework uses HTML/JSS/JS which makes it a complete PWA framework of its own.

Let’s see some of the benefits of Polymer:- 

  • This Framework has a great documentation ability
  • A wide base of components across browsers
  • It is a full web app stack support which includes routing, data tier, and responsive layouts.


LightHouse is also a product by Google for improving the web apps, It analyzes the digital offerings and analyzes your digital offerings and gives you the areas to implement in your PWA Development.


Nourished by Facebook, React is often one of the top choices of Progressive web apps developers due to its a wide javascript library.

This gives developers ease which in return makes react one of the top PWA frameworks.

Let’s see some of the benefits of React as a PWA framework:- 

  • A greater community support
  • Greater scalability and flexibility.
  • Speed in rendering with efficient virtual-DOM.

So, These are some of the most popular frameworks and tools which are used for creating Progressive web apps.

Choosing the right platform for making a PWA will help you in many ways. They can grab more business for you and can attract more users.

With the growth in technology and the demand for web apps, the time has come when the business should move towards web apps.


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