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Flutter 1.5 – Google’s biggest release yet!!!

Google I/O this year just announced the release of the Flutter’s new and the most stable build till now, This is Flutter 1.5. Consisting of a total of 336 contributors and over more than 1700 commits. In this blog, you will get to know everything about Flutter 1.5, Let’s start reading it.

First of all, Let’s know what is Flutter?

It is an open-source mobile application development framework for creating high-performance, high-fidelity mobile applications for Android & iOS. Flutter apps are written in the Dart language which can be compiled to JavaScript. The major components of Flutter include Dart platform, Flutter engine, Foundation library, and Design-specific widgets. Using this framework, it is easy to build user interfaces that react smoothly in your app as it reduces the amount of code required to synchronize and update your app’s view.

What’s new in Flutter 1.5?

The latest update of Flutter i.e Flutter 1.5.4 comes with many updates for iOS and material widgets, with increased supports in both web and desktop. 

The most buzzed feature in Flutter 1.5 is the In-App Purchase Plugin, Which is available in beta for both Android and iOS. 

This plugin easily integrates with the underlying IAP services provided for both Android and iOS, allowing the Flutter app to easily show the in-app products that are available for sale. This allows the user to easily purchase and see the in-app products.


What’s new in Flutter 1.5?

Flutter 1.5:- A True Cross-platform App Development Framework

With the release of Flutter 1.5, Google has changed the entire game in the cross-platform development services framework. Any app developed using Flutter 1.5 will not only run on iOS and Android but will also run on other platforms like desktop environments such as Windows, Mac as well as on Linux too.

The most interesting thing is the app will also run on other devices like Raspberry Pie, Google Home Pod, Chrome OS, and many other embedded environments. This is one of the biggest surprises which Google did.

Some Noteworthy Changes in Flutter 1.5:-

The Flutter team has worked a lot on the changes which are to be done on Flutter 1.5. Let’s see some of them.

  • Flutter 1.5 has some composite layers for physical shapes on all platforms.
  • This needs manually triggered toolbars when using editable texts.
  • Efficiently converts PointerEvents to Diagnosticable.
  • Easily Unifies Android and iOS response in the Firebase Messaging Plugin.
  • In Flutter 1.5 When LongPressGestureRecognizer is moved after a long press, it no longer discards up the event,
  • BackdropFilter will fill its parent/ancestor clip.
  • Flutter 1.5 Includes platform viewed in semantics tree.
  • Easily Forces line height in TextFields with the strut.
  • The Flutter 1.5 Uses the full height of the glyph for carpet height on Android
  • Easily Removes pressure customization from some pointer events
  • Adds null check in FontWeight.lerp

As mentioned above Flutter 1.5 bought some new changes for iOS and Material Changes, Let’s see what are the changes.

Changes for iOS:-

As Flutter is Google’s most popular framework, It is quite friendly with Android, but in the case of iOS, it’s a completely different game. 

Google is updating and keeps on improving things on Flutter for iOS. It is expected that with the introduction of Flutter 1.5 in the game there will be few improvements in iOS.

Let’s see some of the changes for iOS:-

  • Improvements in Cupertino localization process helping iOS devices a lot.
  • Added ability to change the color of the place holder, That’s interesting.
  • Inclusion of platform viewed in semantics tree for iOS
  • Improved CupertinoIcons for iOS devices.
  • Plenty of bug fixes and other improvements.
  • Compatibility with the latest SDK from Apple.

Material Changes made by Flutter 1.5:-

  • Creation of FloatingActionButton
  • Removal of flickering while selecting the text
  • Improvements of buttons and icons
  • Expansion of BottomNavigationBar API
  • Updated slider with refreshed theme

Until the introduction of Flutter 1.5, React Native and Flutter were competing with each other to win the race of Cross-platform mobile app development. Now with Flutter 1.5 having more added capabilities for web, Linux, Mac, and for other embedded devices, It seems to be a tough competitor for both of them.

Many Mobile App Development Company is trying to catch all the latest trends of Google and they are getting successful in doing so. With the rise of Flutter 1.5, it will be very helpful for many Flutter app development companies to increase the standard of their Flutter apps and to increase their business.


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