Top Selling Mobile Games

Five Industry Secrets for Creating Top Selling Mobile Games

Success of Mobile Games- A Review

The days of console games are witnessing rough time by the inception of mobile games. Most of the users will heartily agree to this statement because it is more fun, comfortable, exhilarating and flexible. The mobile games have gone ‘viral’ just like any other peppy news or melodious music album on YouTube or Facebook. It’s the popularity of these games like Angry Birds, Candy Crush, Temple Run, Fruit Ninja and many others that have blown up the success of Mobile game industry.

Today, mobile game applications are breaking selling records in the trend charts. Angry Birds has reined the industry for last 4 years, Flappy bird is generating about $50,000 per day and similarly other top mobile games are becoming profit making application for the developers lately. As per the analysis made by research statisticians on Video-Game game industry is that about 28% of total revenue earned by these companies is accounted from Mobile Game Industry.

Spying out the main 5 industry secrets behind the creation of top selling games

The saga behind the creation of Top selling games i.e. Angry Birds, Flappy Bird, Temple Run, Candy Crush, 2048 etc. is worth every gambled penny on the casino table. It is no sheer luck or any push that has made them popular, rather it is these five factors that has helped the mobile game app developers leverage the Mobile Game Industry :-

1. Free initial or entry levels to entice user’s interest: The word ‘free’ mesmerizes any buyer’s attention irrespective of his/her wealth status. Developers have followed this strategy to entice the user in order to make an attempt to download it.  They offered initial few levels free so that they understand the game, relish the features, get addicted and later, couldn’t resist their temptation to play all the levels & purchase it. Indeed, this smart secret is enlightening. 

2. Marketing the game apps by practical means: Every company includes mobile game developers need to promote their apps in the market. The means used as of now are soft-toys, stickers on items like pencil-box, bags, puzzles etc., free-promo games on social media, game videos on YouTube, movie/TV downloading websites etc. One such example of that top-selling game which has influenced users via these marketing ideas is ‘Angry Birds’. Words spread faster than fire and it foster awareness amongst game-lovers. The idea was to inveigle them to download this ‘viral’ app and then to persuade them to purchase the app to play all the levels of the game.  

3. Bonanza points to boost their adrenaline: A single buyer can become your marketer once he/she becomes the credible follower of that mobile game application. The developers have used this for their advantage. They give rewards in kind of points, coins, game incentives etc. to their customer if he/she promotes their app in their social networking circles, amongst friends/family/relatives. Important thing is to appreciate their efforts by ways that holds value in their downloaded games like better features, access to another secret level etc. 

4. Surprise your customers: Mobile game with aggressive selling charts is hit because they have held surprising elements at each level.  A buyer should feel justified after making his/her purchase. With limited levels in the game or repetitive courses, customer gets offended and can defame the repute of that game application. So, add tinges of twists and pinches of surprising turns/levels to maintain uniqueness in the game app. 

5. Treat the eyes of your customer: Mobile Game Applications that look good via their graphics are considered ‘teasers’ and attract users. Make sure the graphics are apt as well as appealing. Be it Angry Birds, Temple Run or Candy crush, their colorful graphics with unique animations have persuaded an amateur to play a free video on the laptop or tablet leading to a big-time purchase. A little investment here is going to bring greater returns in the future.