Farming: Tablet Apps Play A Key Role in Everything from Harvesting Crops to Selling Produce to Restaurants and at Local Farmers’ Markets

With a world full of chemicals and pesticide-induced farming, more and more customers are opting for a healthy choice and try to avoid GMO based GMFs (Genetically Modified Foods) which are choc-a-bloc with harmful chemicals and are very unhealthy for the human body if eaten on a regular basis.

The increase focus on healthy eating and the need of finding locally-sourced produce has given birth to a new kind of farming, which focusses more on organic produce that uses no chemicals during the farming process.

What Relation Does Farming Have With A Mobile App?

Mobile apps have now entered the farming arena with one superlative motive of monitoring each stage of the farming process to streamline it better and pay attention to the growing process which should be organic-certified for sale.

With such specifically designed apps for the farming industry, each stage of a farming company’s operation like planting of fields, picking of crops, filling of orders, loading the trucks, making deliveries to allied restaurants and selling the products at farmers’ markets becomes very easy to manage and keep an overview of.

Can Such Mobile Apps Be Beneficial To Your Farming Company Or FMCG Business?

With these apps, not only the level of your business maximizes, it also becomes more streamlined to allow further increase in production without any lags.

Such apps also help you manage the field with efficiency by using wireless cameras on the tractors and other sowing machinery to monitor the entire soil raking and seed sowing process to see if the crop rows are straight or not.

Also, you can watch this footage LIVE directly when you sow so that seed wastage is minimized and maximum area of the field is plowed to allow as many crops as possible. This wasn’t physically feasible without the use of apps since achieving sub-inch accuracy without the help of a software.

In case a problem occurs during the entire process, you can simply use the built-in camera on your mobile device to directly point-out the problem area on the field via video chat apps.

Communicating with local chefs also becomes very easy since showing them the product is easier with pictures and videos taken directly from the field. Chefs are very picky when it comes to selecting the perfect produce for their dishes. After all, nothing less than premium quality will do! Crops that are ready to be harvested can be shown to them just a day before so that chefs can know how quickly to use them.

With 3G connections, keeping updated records of seed types and exact locations of where they should be planted also becomes very easy. Since such traditional management systems are very complex to manage, an app works best in this matter since apps are designed keeping simplicity and ease of use in mind.

Should You Adopt This Technology In Your FMCG Company?

Definitely! Since these apps help you take down orders and notes virtually. Gone are the days of taking down orders in writing or on whiteboards and writing them again on a computer! Not only that, the older method can be faulty and might result in botched up numbers.

With a custom-made app, any employee can generate lists of products that are to be collected in the farm based entirely on the order data. This not only reduces wastage of product but also cuts down time wastage in harvesting the entire crop at once. These apps help you harvest according to demand. Not more. Not less.

This real-time inventory management connects your employees seamlessly with the restaurants and fill in orders they put up, directly into the app.

Truck management also becomes streamlined, since now you know which truck has what product thanks to reports based on specific restaurant deliveries. This helps in achieving order accuracy and faster deliveries.

Selling at the farmers’ market also becomes easy since you no longer have to spend hours calculating inventory. You can check all your inventory right from the app which helps you increase sales and reduce check-out lines since customers pay via electronic cards that are supported by the app’s payment gateway. Generated reports also help you analyze the current demand for the product/s so that more demand can be met according to anticipated demographics.

Weather predictions are also better since weather-based apps help you to understand your climate zone and monitor your field or greenhouses for the correct precipitation levels. Looking at LIVE satellite imagery of weather patterns helps you harvest sooner and save you from losses.

Your farming business will not only boom with such apps, but will also progress ahead in a systematic way. Not only will you cut down on wasted crops, rotting produce and increased time in plowing the field correctly, you will also profit from more and more customers thanks to app-guided growing methods.