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Marketers, You Want 1 Reason Why Facebook Sucks? I Will Give You 5!

Is it just me or Facebook has gradually turned into boring old and arrogant grandma? Are there page managers among you who are active on both Facebook and Google Plus and concluded that among the two, Facebook sucks? Have you felt how smoother things are on Google Plus while Facebook doesn’t even seems to move a finger beyond small tweaks on the visual representations of the Page Insights? What’s happening here? Why am I still on Facebook anyways?  It is like Facebook pushes me at Google Plus almost by force. Well it surely works. Here is why…

 Visual content management – Facebook sucks largely on this one

You already know that visual content performs lot better than link and status type of update for every fan page on Facebook. For page admins and managers the importance of showcasing the visual content in a way that will trigger more engagement is as wanted as the Golden Flees. However Facebook doesn’t seem to care that much. Bigger thumbnail image for link updates – Big deal!

Unlike Facebook where you can only rotate and highlight a photo, Google Plus gives its page admins an entire photo editing ribbon that contains the standard option to edit and beautify your photo before you publish, hence reducing the need to opt in for third party tools and web services. The album management options are also far more advanced, with smooth transitions and organization that reminds of a drag and drop interface.

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More engaged audience

Facebook seems to lose its charisma and many people feel disappointed by this platform not being able to get almost any value out of it. I will not be the only one to say that most of the time my home page is filled with crappy content, memes, silly statuses, updates and baby photos. All this reminds me of a recent title from Mashable – I am on Facebook because  I am bored beyond belief!

Yes, unfortunately Facebook has become a shelter of immature, reality escaping social media addicts and fan seekers who could only engage with you if you keep them entertained all time. It may work for Startbucks as a platform to offer discounted coffee in replacement for code submission and location check-in but I cant say the same for you if you are a B2B marketer.

For B2B marketers it is now time to move on to Google Plus where serious and knowledge seeking generation of entrepreneurs and innovators is getting brewed. My experience has shown me that it is almost impossible not to get engagement if you serve as information and knowledge dissemination source for your audience.

If you still doubt this have a look at the image below and notice the top referring sites to this blog at a certain point of time extracted from our analytics tool:

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More personal aspects of connection

If you are Facebook page manager, you cannot engage personally with people who haven’t liked your page unless they take some action on your page first. In fact you cannon even Like or comment on someone’s profile, unless it is not a page. Well that is not the case with Google Plus. Your Google Plus page behaves just like a personal profile – You can add people to circles, comment to their updates and establish conversation even before they add you to their circles.

Every +1 counts

Every time a user pres +1 on your page you are getting awarded. We talk about the network which is owned by the biggest search engine in the world, and the integration between Google Plus and Google search engine is very deep. Stop wasting your maximum time trying to get liked on Facebook and instead try to get liked on Google Plus. The number of +1s on your page tells Google not only about the value of your page but the value of your entire brand hence deciding where to put you on Search results. More votes means more engaging and relevant brand page and that’s what Google wants after the introduction of Google and Panda. Do you see the big picture here?

No need for advertising budget

..So far. That’s right. Facebook sucks because it literally forces you to advertise and spend. Would you not hate Facebook for that? No matter how engaging your strategy and content is, less and less people will be seeing your content over time, having no point of the large number of fans you have. Google Plus’s most powerful weapons are the Communities. You can join communities which could be interested in your business and most important of all – you can do it as Brand. With communities you can reach practically everyone and there is no Edge Rank to hide your content from your fans anymore.

With this in mind, Google Plus leaves to you the value you are going to extract out of every community. Members are merciless when it comes to spammy and selfie type of content and updates but they are very generous for value adding content (shares and comments). That has been my experience so far.

After all this how can I not hate Facebook? I would really need your comments and assistance to get out of this paradox. Why should Facebook still be considered as a lucrative B2B platform? Share your thoughts with us.



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