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Experiencing the Challenging Aspects While Developing and Transforming a Mobile Game into Success


In the technology driven world, some discrete techs have made a formidable space for themselves into the user base as well as the market share. One of these technologies is of mobile phones, Smartphones to be more specific. Smartphones in the present world come with a number of application bundled with them. These applications are meant to cater to various requirements of the users. Mobile gaming has seen an unprecedented fame in the current world and hence has the gaming app development.  There needs to be avid discussion and discrete research over optimizing the process of game app development so that maximum revenue can be generated through this.

Developing a mobile game can be broken in certain steps, like:

Creation of idea:

This includes realizing the market for a certain gaming idea. The importance of this step can be understood by the fact that the gamers are usually looking for more innovative gaming options which are in sync with their personal likings and preferences. Therefore formulating an idea that has the appeal for a larger user base is pretty essential.


Recreating the imagination in the graphical format supported by the computer interface is very important. Proper effort should be made at this step to ensure that the coding is done in a way that it is able to properly redraw the brilliance of the idea on the gaming interface. This step has the ability to either hike or replete the game’s level.


This involves informing prospective customer base about the attributes of the game so that they are driven towards considering it. This includes finding suitable measures that can bring the game‘s name to the gamers’ bucket list and thereby improve its possibility of grabbing the market.

After launch improvisation:

Many bugs surface after a game starts to be played by multiple independent users. These bugs need to be fixed if the game has to sustain its market. The game once launched needs to be kept updated so that the already established user base is not lost because of stagnant nature of developing team.

The above mentioned steps are more or less same while developing any mobile game but when it comes to deciding the most difficult portion in the scheme of things then the choice becomes a lot more difficult. Every single step has its own significance and needs to be given equitable importance. Let’s talk in categorical manner about success.

Monetary success:

Mobile games distribution has came up as an independent business in itself, therefore the money making prospective needs to be kept in mind. Monetary success of the game is highly dependent upon the promotional prowess of the team. Also after launch incentivized treatment for the users is also important. Widely speaking, if one wishes to make more money from a game then the game lifetime has to be increased and that can be done only if craze for the game is maintained. Therefore promotion and improvisation is important in this regard.

Customary success:

If the game developing firm is willing to prefer critical acclamation over monetary success then the brilliance of the idea and its execution in the coding stage is to be kept in higher regard. It can be understood readily that reception from the critics is important as it allows the game to stand alight in the market for a longer time which would also help in improving the possibility of the game becoming a cult in its genre.

 Series success:

If the game launch has to be made in the form of a series then the developer team needs to levy great emphasis on maintaining the game hype amongst the users in between subsequent launches of the series games. Games launched in series basis are more likely to fetch more in the market as it allows the developing team to induct suitable changes in the game so as to claim a larger share of the gaming customer base.

 It can be said that as success is variable for different perspectives, similarly is the idea of the most difficult step in the development procedure for the mobile games. Game development is a comparatively new field and therefore has immense possibilities for those with competent aptitude and attitude towards it. This competency expands from the first level of market research to the more technically intricate levels of coding and then marketing strategy making.  All these steps have their importance and none of them can be actually superseded by the others as it would mean subsequent lose in quality on the customers’ reception end which would undoubtedly get reflected on the monetary sheets of the game in the long term.