Drupal Modules for Mobile

Essential Drupal Modules for Mobile

Drupal is defined as an open source CMS that helps in the performance of different websites and applications in a common sync. The Drupal platform caters to a rich crowd of the virtual world that is actively looked forward for activities and works. If considered on the topmost CMS systems, Drupal comes out to be the best option in the same regard due to its module feature that enhances its functionality as well as usability. It is user friendly, since it tends to avoid the spam’s that accelerates the power of performance and helps in accommodating the CMS  much easily.

Drupal is basically used to optimize the experience of the user in best possible ways. Let’s enlist the top 10 Drupal modules followed largely for mobile devices:

SMS Framework:

The unit is a collaborative effort that plays a coordination between the Drupal SMSM synced network and the mobile users. It is a type of projected system that enables users to get connected through messaging services and a short leverage software for basic communication.

Mobile Services:

It helps to float the content that is provided or that can be created on the page. The module feature can be used to create own ads to be displayed in the application. There is availability of other features and drag and drop attached to the module which makes it much more compatible to use.


How about preparing your own site as a mobile optimized one? Well you can sync your site with that of the mobile using the particular module.

Mobile Media Blog:

Wondering something like, creating a blog space for your own and updating into a mobile screen. The perfect blog creating space is possible because of the high value utilization of the Drupal feature. This is indeed a good tool to import content for the same device.

The user can use options that are present in the module to enhance the content rating too.

You can go for responsive design item to start from scratch and elevate your designed blog at the best levels too. Mostly, it will enable you to resize and arrange the screen size and make the content appropriately good in the screen established.


In a day to day access, for various sites, we tend to lose the track of pages we visited. How about a module that solves those problems too? Well, we know the history does the same for us. But on a modular basis, it goes an extent more and lets you know what the visitor browser is able to function with and maintain the data in the database as well.

Chatroll Live Chat:

User can go for chat and sound control with the same module. The screen is a very simple and clear page which can be configured with options like programming homepage. The layout of the homepage is customized with regard to the module that makes it much more immediate for mobile content to float.


The module allows the interactive session to follow from both sides (the interface and the user). The user is allowed to change the look and feel of the same and can also work on the feedback he/she wants to provide back. The flow of content and context forms the basis of modifying the usage of widgets on the same platform.


This is an interesting module that accepts any kind of requests, submission or event registration created by the user. The further workaround is based on working out on the submitted emails and sending response on the same. It also serves as a means of communication with internal chat fields.


Creating online shopping space with the mobile compatible features is again what we definitely wish to experience for. This Drupal Ubercart is highly SEO optimized that helps in attaining the above goals.


You can create your theme with the specifications that can be maintained for your own mobile screen. It helps you to attain new designs with variations as per your requirement in the mobile screen.

So if you haven’t tried the best with Drupal optimizations, try to create the same with your mobile to experience the content strategy with maximum ease.