Ionic Enterprise Mobile App Development

7 Reasons Why Ionic is Awesome for Enterprise Mobile Application Development!

So, you want to create native Android or iOS mobile apps for your enterprise? While you are building functional and wonderful apps for either of the platform – do you think native app is enough? Perhaps, no. Native apps are expensive and time consuming and can’t target your audiences across the globe. Rather, it is a good idea if you build an app for all major platforms. This hybrid platform can give you the opportunity to reach out the maximum users.

Among the various hybrid app development frameworks available in the current marketplace, enterprises can rely on Ionic Framework for creating a cross-platform mobile app that closest to a native app in look & feel. Importantly, IBM and Ionic have announced an agreement for developing enterprise mobile applications.

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Why choose Ionic for Enterprise Mobile App development?


  1. Deliver high-level security

    Against the fast moving tech-savvy world it is clear that mobile applications are leading around the globe. The drive for an Ionic mobility solution has become an agenda for most companies today, as it delivers a higher level of security from unauthorized access.

  2. Elevate business productivity

    Ionic mobile apps not only for security, visibility and loyalty, but also use to streamline business operations and processes. With the help of interactive and progressive mobile apps you can target the majority of the masses.

  3. Visibility enhancement

    Mobility is one the effective ways to enhance business visibility on the web. With hybrid apps you can target all major platform users in the competitive world.

  4. Reinforcing brands and services

    For example, if you want to reinforce your brands and services – how you can. For that you just need to consider enterprise mobility app to valued customers.

  5. Enhance exposure in the market

    Wherever you have, enterprise mobile apps allow your consumers to get information about products and services that increase your sales and exposure as well.

  6. Direct connection with customers

    Small and mid-sized enterprises can directly connect with their consumers via mobility services.

  7. Brand loyalty

    Do you want to make brand loyalty? An Ionic platform offers a great user experience, and then enterprises can build their loyalty in the market.

Apart from these, here is a post where you can get about particular platform – why to build hybrid apps using Ionic framework in 2016. If you are interested in Ionic Enterprise Framework – stay tuned with Mobiloitte!